Waka’s been making the news alot lately and not exactly for the rights reasons. He was shot and robbed and more recently got into it with a few members of Young Jeezy’s CTE crew.

But Waka is now speaking out on the incident, claiming that he has no beef with Young Jeezy and that his problem lies with CTE member Slick Pulla, who gave him a black eye. Waka says:

Slick Pulla ain’t catch me my n*gga. Home snuffed me on the left side, I walked by him and he didn’t do sh*t, a little young n*gga dropped his a** and his other guy tried to sneak my partner, I dropped his a**…Homie didn’t do this, some grown a** n*gga blacked my eye and ran. Yo, homie [Slick Pulla] ain’t do that, his name is not Slick Pulla, we finna call him Martin Lawrence. Stop calling him Slick Pulla…Nah, I ain’t cool with Young Jeezy but I d*mn sure don’t got no beef with Young Jeezy or the whole CTE gang, it’s f*ck Slick Pulla. How many times I got to say it?”

He hasn’t even dropped an album yet and he’s headed down the wrong path, Waka really needs to slow it down…