Lil Wayne isn’t the only rapper that’s being thrust into the spotlight for causing a commotion at an NBA game.  During a Wizards-Raptors game on Tuesday, commentator Matt Devlin said sarcastically, “Wale is inspiring” after the cameras cuaght the MMG rapper sitting court side.  Devlin then added, “I‘m sure someone on Twitter could tell me if they’ve exactly ever heard of Wale.  He’s not Drake, that’s for sure.” Moments later, Wale tweeted, “@MattDevlinRaps watch ur mouth” and was seen approaching the announcer’s table.  




Today, a video was posted of Wale getting into a screaming match with a fan who requested an autograph following the game.  Wale can be heard shouting “come do something” from his SUV in the video.  The fan has a great response, yelling “your motherf*cking boss a C.O. n*gga!”  There’s no telling what prompted this situation, but Wale seemingly addressed this incident on Twitter when he wrote, “somebody call u out your name…and you confront them.  YOU wrong.  So who you cheering for the people who take insults in stride?