Wale On The Current State Of Hip-Hop

 |  April 6, 2011

Wale went on a twitter rant about the current state of hip-hop.  I disagree with him on some stuff, but overall I’m not mad at his perspective.  Although I still think MMG is off to a weak start.  Spotted at NB.

  • I think Tupac connected with several audiences, more then any rapper, ever….and. I doubt anyone will Ever connect that way again. Rap was way different back then…fans showed a lot more love, nowadays people treat rappers like pro teams..

    In Hip Hop, they designate [one] rapper a year to be great. There’s so much anger [and] hatred in the consumer nowadays plus “bein a rapper” is as easy as finding a mic and camera

    Sometimes, when underground artist get mainstream success… original fans abandon [them], because “its not cool” to like someone on the charts. Back in the day when [you] had passion in [your interviews] or songs, they said [you] were PASSIONATE..now they say [you’re] whinning..#checkurself

    Lost boys had a single, that was a story “Renne“. How far [do you] think a story record will get you now, as a single. How amazing was Reasonable Doubt? How many people would turn [their] back on [an] amazing album [because] HipHopdx said it “undersold”

    Hiphop “enthusiast” hate on certain artist because [they’re] not using “big words”. IN MY OPINION connecting [with people] is [more important] then vocabulary

    So caught up in nostalgia, we can’t appreciate the present, til its the past #hiphop