|  January 12, 2007

Artist/Group Name:

Wale Oyejide


Reppin’ (What city you reppin’?):

Nigeria, West Africa


Affiliation (What crew or artists you roll with?):

Shaman Work


Influences (Who inspires you? Not limited to just hip-hop):


Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone, Fela Kuti, Bugz in the Attic


Backstory (How’d you get in the game? How did the group form? What work did you put in before getting signed to a label?)


Originally, I played in a few indie-rock bands before transitioning into production work. My first break came off winning an online beat battle which led to me getting picked up by the now defunct Third Earth Music. They put out my first record under the ‘Science Fiction’ moniker, and then came Shaman Work.


Current project (What are you pushing right now? What can people expect from it? Feel free to just hype your album here…why did you name the album that name? Was there a theme? Any funny stories during its creation?)


“Save Yourselves” its still in the early stages, but it’ll probably be some kind of overly self righteous social commentary. Basically, my usual.


Purpose (What kind of impact do you hope to have on the game? Do you just want to go platinum or is there something more?)


I just hope to be able to put out music with integrity and inspire people.


Is hip-hop really dead? (Wax philosophical here, break down what you think of hip-hop today or compare it to when you were coming up. Good? Bad? Break it down!)


No. Some people just whine too much. If it’s broke, fix it. Personally, I’m not really too concerned with what anyone else is doing. I think if artists focused more on bettering themselves, everyone would have a lot less to complain about.


Three wishes (If you had three wishes to change anything within hip-hop, what would they be? Bring someone back to life? Get a Kanye West beat? Make snap music disappear?):


-More producers would pick up live instrumentation

-People would actually try to learn the craft of real song writing

-Rappers would stop taking themselves so seriously.