By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Well it seems the two shared a very public moment last night as Weezyperformed his new joint ‘Prostitute’ during Miami Live. Anyhow the baddest bitch was welcomed on stage and ended up cuddling and crying with her ex man on stage as the fans went wild…talk about a Hip-Hop love story.
      But what chick wouldn’t get emotional when serenaded with a joint like
that??? SMH

Russ and Kimmy are Losing it?

      How can you sue a magazine for a libel and look to them for a quarter of a mill and then forget to mention just what it is you are suing them for. Well thats what Russell Simmons and estranged wife Kimora are doing. They going up against the gossip magazine IN Touch but even the magazine doesn’t know why..



  • ladiihacc3

    {{{she lucky then a mutha fucka cuz that nigga fine a$$ fuCCK}}}

  • *~W33zY bAbY~*

    wow she a suck up that shit is mad stupid he shouldve said suck it up bitch cuz i no i wouldve and he is fina as hell