• DoeRaeMe

    It Nevr Crossd My Mind That J Dissd Baby Or Wayne Bcaz He Didn .. He Jus Sayn ” Rappers ” Got Small $ Compared To His .. Every1 Says Baby Atleast 1nce N Every Song .. Y Would J Go From Star Is Born ” If Wayne Keep Goin Pass The Torch To Him ” To A Diss With No Apparent Reason Behind It For Wayne To Hear N A Session With His Right Hand Kanye ? Be Real .. Wayne Answrd Well Dont Make A Bad Career Move N Go At J Bcaz MTV Want A Rap Beef More Mainstream Than Ross Jeezy Wayne Dont Need A Beef To Sell Like 50 .. I Want Albums From Both Camps J Is Consistant Yr N & Out Wayne Its Time To Step Up .. I Hope C4 Is Fire Minus AutoTune And Atleast 15 Tracks C3 Was Five Songs Othr Than The Leakd Songs We Heard Way B4 Release .. I Know Readers Feel Me

  • Montega

    yo REAL TALK right here. MTV is just trying 2 pop something off