by: Rizoh

One of singer James Brown’s daughters, Yamma Brown Lumar, allegedly tried to kill her husband with a butcher knife on the eve of her father’s burial, according to
Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Yamma Brown Lumar was arraigned in Fulton County, where she was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for the March 9 attack.

Yamma’s husband, Darren Lumar, reportedly told authorities that the couple had argued and struggled when she broke free, went to the kitchen to get the knife and then stabbed him in the right forearm as he tried to stop her.

JB’s daughter claimed she was only acting in self-defense, but her husband said “she was going for my chest. I have no doubt that woman was trying to kill me.”

Neeedless to say, the couple are in the midst of divorce proceedings.

  • A_time_4_everything

    Put her in the nut-house. She shouldn’t be allowed tho get away with that.