What Are You Doing?

 |  February 2, 2011


So according to Yahoo Music, Game just dropped 40K to be on the over saturation of his music tip.  I know Game thinks that since he was a trending topic on twitter, and that he supposedly got one million downloads on Purp & Patron that he is killing it.  However Game is really hustling backwards.  I used to consider myself a Game fan.  But all this new music has sounded so forgettable.  You can tell he is just throwing all the music that his record label didn’t think was good enough to sell out there, merely for the sake of putting music out.  It’s not a good look when someone who used to consider himself a big Game fan has NO interest in downloading any of his free material.  Plus I know they are saying that he got a million downloads, but I highly doubt that a million people downloaded that mixtape, put it into their mp3 player, and actually listened to the entire mixtape.  I know people have used the “throw tons of music” out there technique.  But that only works for people who are putting out tons of good music.

Basically Game’s career is going completley down the drain, and I feel like he is fully responsible for it.  How can a guy that has household name status (at least in the rap world) and has sold millions upon millions of records, not get his 4th album out?  It’s because the music isn’t there.  So you can trend on twitter, go to Europe, cop that new 4 door porsche, but at the end of the day your music sucks.  And last time I checked your job is to make good music.  So get on your job and step your Game up Jayceon, because it might just be a rap for you!