What Is Beanie Sigel Thinking?

 |  June 24, 2010

So this footage of Beanie just hit the net of him continuing his anti Jay-Z campaign.  He reiterates the most slanderous point he has on Jay, which was that Jay pretty much kept Beans in prison by refusing to take responsibility for his whereabouts.  Beans is also adamant about being down with Dipset, and how one of his biggest regrets was going at Jada. Claiming that the only reason he did it in the first place was because of his undying loyalty to Rocafella.  Beans even goes as far to take a shot at Drake for allowing Hov to be on a track with him, in which Jay supposedly subliminally take shots at Beans.  As if Drake is part of the anti Beans conspiracy.

I’m going to have to re ask a question that I already asked Freeway, what does Beanie Sigel hope to accomplish with all this?  How is this advancing his career?  I think that Jada actually summed it up perfectly when speaking on the Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj beef.  Beef is good for hip-hop.  It gives us bloggers something to write about, and something for hip-hop fans to talk about.  But at the end of the day it’s about music.  That is where Beans comes up short in this argument. 50 kind of played him against Jay like he was going to sign him to G-Unit which of course didn’t happen.  So as far as Beanie’s business is concerned he is at the exact same place as he was before the beef.  Except that he has now burned down a bunch of bridges.  I mean what label is going to touch this guy after the Charlamagne Tha God got fired just for interviewing Beans. So until Beans get his business right, and starts dropping some hot music, he needs to fall back on this.  I’m not saying he doesn’t have very valid points.  It’s just that in my opinion he’s coming off a little desperate.  Check the footage below.



  • ReallyP

    Beans Is a true mc he can handle his self. Drake got at Lil kim for talking sh*t about Niki do you think Drake will say something about Beans. Lol Drake has look over is shoulder now. Remember Beans showed up at Jay-z's show and got escorted out. Beans will pop up on Drake. Diddy should sign Beans, Black Rob, and DMX to a deal so they can reek havoc on the skinny jean nation and call them 3 the Hard Way. (In The Drake Voice) What am i doing Beans hunting me, What am I doing When He catches me, Its gonna be Far from ovvvveeeerrrrrr.