What Is Eminem Trying To Accomplish?

 |  June 3, 2011


As you should know by now Eminem is dropping a project with Royce Da 5’9″ called Bad Meets Evil: The Sequel on June 14th.  This will be Eminem’s third commercial release in less than two years.  Eminem is one of the most revered figures in hip-hop culture as well as in popular American culture in general.   He is also a very financially successful artist who seems to enjoy his privacy.  So why does he keep forcing out material?  After yesterday’s display of forced bubble gum pop rap, I had to throw my hands in the air!  This isn’t Eminem!  This isn’t the guy that inspired millions of America’s rebellious youth!  This isn’t the guy that was on some f*ck the world type sh*t!  This was a guy that was allowing Jimmy Iovine’s Illuminati (to his credit Jimmy has the best Illuminati in the business) to manipulate his brand for $$$.  To be honest, I don’t know if I can respect that.

Hey, we gotta get paid.  Trust me I get that.  Eminem doesn’t just have to worry about Eminem, he has a team of people and businesses that depend on him.  I’m sure that can be a tremendous burden to carry.  But you are telling me that he has to rapidly drop projects that are potentially devaluing his overall brand to support those entities?  I don’t think so.  I mean it’s getting to the point that major corporations are building whole marketing campaigns behind him.  Not only that but those campaigns are leading to profits for those corporations.  That is sooo f*cking boss to me.  Not many people can say they single-handedly got a failing American car company back in the black.  Points like that make me really scared to write posts like this.

However, it’s because of this iconic status that I don’t think the guy needs to be doing this project.  It’s to the point where Eminem is #DeeperThanRap.  Last time I checked we don’t expect three projects from Madonna or Paul McCarteny in two years.  Why?  Because it doesn’t make sense.  Eminem is a creative person.  He is going to make music.  However, I just think he may need to live more in the glory of classic material.  He has A LOT of it.  Marshall has so much phenomenal material he probably could tour off of it for the rest of his life and not even get too bored.  As crazy as it sounds maybe operating a little bit more like Paul McCartney & Madonna would be a good look for Em.  Eminem came from nothing, and was able to make who he is and what he represents into a highly valuable commodity.  But there is a reason that it ended up that way – because he went about things in a particular way.  I just hope that isn’t something he has lost grasp of.

  • Methods0024

    Your opinion sucks as usual, the first bad meets evil was sick and the fans want another one, plus his verses in this was yet an other change up in his style and he killed it, and it's not unusual these days for an artist to drop 2 albums in a year Madonna and Paul where from a different era, and rappers grouping up to release a duo is very common I personally love both the black out albums, and what about the big break he took of course he would have 2 albums ready in that time, Your blogs suck, everyone else writes good shit on this site you write garbage, i didnt check the name before I read it but about 3 sentences in I knew it was you, you thought crooked I was weak lol then you changed your tune, why don't you write about something relevant, and the artist you talk about most of them are pop rap

  • KING

    I second that. I wish iHipHop would fire dude. Real talk.

  • http://twitter.com/SamPattillo iHipHop Sam

    Eminem fans….Rare breed you guys are.

  • Alires88

    I have to agree that bruno mars song was trash i cant believe that is on the album

  • Bdds13

    Yeah at least i'd like to know who wrote the article without having to click on it. And im not a eminem fan boy either.

  • Throwaway account #95





  • kookid

    This guy has never said anything good about eminem the man is a genoise he is by far the best rapper alive making better music than any other rapper everyone else is all about woman drugs and sex. eminem keeps it real and his lyrics are amazing. this guy just dont like him cuz hes always on all the other rappers dicks

  • Jellybean

    Normally. I wouldn't say anything, but!
    I think this guy writes some very insightful stuff. 
    He is consistent , I really come here for his take on things…
    Him and Combat jack. Yeah, he made some frank observations about an iconic artist…
    Yet he gave many praises to the man at the same time.

     I think that Wyclef from the Fugees is similar to Em in comparison, lyrically, financially, ect…
      I like both their music, 
    I'll leave it up to the fan to decide who has made more impact.
    At the same time, if Clef was to release an album with just Pras 
    I suppose some fans ( hip-hop nerds) would feel awkward just the same.
    That was the point he was making. 
    On another note, the Black out album from Red and Meth was good.
    And my favorite quote from Eminem – “I stumbled down a flight of steps and fell into a spider's web”.
    Favorite Wyclef Quote – “Now that I've escaped sleep walk awake”.
                                                                                                      Smile …Jellybean Out

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Gerrard/551138231 Rob Gerrard

    fuck u sam ur just a hater eminem bin gone for a good few years. he making up for lost time, hes bringing shady aftermath back with new artists and getting them out there

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Gerrard/551138231 Rob Gerrard

    for a rare breed hes selling alot ov albums you dick

  • LLP

    Nigga Shaddup

  • 12345

    real talk.  the truth is the people who commented, saying that this blog sucked, id like to know what socio-economic demographic you make up.  Odds are bottom 10%, because you guys are fucking idiots.  THE TRUTH is eminem is popular to people that dont fucking matter, aka kids in high school and people who live in the midwest.  You think any cultured kid in nyc, la, miami, hell any major city is currently fucking with em. INTELLIGENT people aka people not in the bottom 10 % understand the fact that em is now just a brand.  He no longer has any creativity.  And to the people attacking sam, get the facts straight dudes been repping spitta, frank ocean, big krit, j cole and many others before they got the mainstream cosign.

  • Georgiv430

    this article is retarded. do you hear the shit that em says??? hes a fuckin genius and i think ppl with that talent should be droppin album after album. i think hes makin up for that 4 year hiatus he was on. u wanna talk shit about rappers then talk about wocka flocka and other dumb fuckin cats who can barley speak and they tryna rap. wtf r they sayinnn????? anyway em is one of the GOATs and i would buy everyalbum if he dropped 12 a year

  • Macman

    yea theyre called wigger douchebags.

  • Dubldigit

    I agree this song is soft, but still good. Commercial or not you can't knock the change up and on a side note if your basing this project off this song alone your dumbin. Every other song I have heard so far from these two has been sick. This project is going to be fire listen at the verses on fastlane, and then tell me this should not be released…… Some people just gotta hate greatness, and these two together are beyond that……

  • Georgiv

    ur crazy son. im from queens and everyone is really still fuckin wit em. maybe not the youngins who have no idea what rap is (cuz it def aint the same now) but em is still killin it. and i never heard anyone say they fuck with spitta, big krit or frank ocean. who the fuck r they???? em is a brand and hes makin fuckin money cuz hes smart. he could make nonsense music and it would sell but the bottom line is his shit is still relevant and hes back in a big way.

  • Stogey

    yea dude honestly you have problems bro fo real, em is a great artist with a diverse delivery , he is a king of expression you dumb charles hamilton loving mother%$%$

  • Methods0024

    Fanboy of none, and your comment about em fans being rare is crap, why was he voted best rapper last year by the people in rolling stone magazine, his albums still go platinum, if fact only rapper to go diamond twice, I don't have a favorite rapper, I actually prefer the underground like living legends, atmosphere, zion I, swollen members, cunning lynguist, sandpeople, mystic journeyman, KRS – One cuz he still kills it today especially his album with buckshot, and I like combat jack he writes good articles Sam goes with the trendy rap these days more like the Fox news of rap, combat jack always talks about new artist and I've caught on to a couple because of him, Em came from the underground and probably stuck to his roots more than any artist today thats why I still listen and respect him but I don't have any poster or shirts or go out of my way to promote any rapper, so def not a fanboy, and you don't say shit when all your favorite rappers do a song with chris brown, neyo, usher, trey songs, t-pain or any other of that shit your just a hater, if a rapper I dont like makes a good song I will listen to that song

  • Methods0024

    If fact why am I even talking to you, you co-sign that garbage as rapping chick Kreayshawn, that bitch is horrible, your top 10 rappers you need to know second edition, other rappers on the list I can respect but her your out of your mind!!!

  • ChroNick613

    .. Why is he doing it.. because of the love of hip hop, he never seemed to give a fuck about the fame or the fortune, hes doing it cuz he CAN, why not give the fans what they wanna hear, and at the caliber that him and royce are spitting lately, thats exactly what we wanna hear,and its goign to be f*ckin dope..enough said..

  • Jason3891

    what a dick….i bet u had skinny jeans on when u wrote this

  • Psycholes

    Forcing out material???? If anything the project with Royce is the Em that everyone wants to hear not this commercial bullshit  and songs with Rihanna. I dont know where you come with these opinions Sam for real dude go write blogs for some other site you haver no idea what the fuck you are talking about.