What Is Sifteo?

 |  August 15, 2011

Developed by a pair of M.I.T. grads, the gaming system called Sifteo consists of three white plastic blocks measuring 1.5 inches square with full-color clickable screens on top. They’re also equipped with tilt sensors and the ability to know when they’re touching one another, meaning the cubes are completely motion aware. The result is a potentially huge range of hands-on interactive games, what the company is calling “Intelligent Play.” In addition, each Sifteo pack comes with a Creativity Kit, which allows children to create their own mini-games according to their particular interest, whether it’s number puzzles or learning a foreign language. The pack itself is made up of a trio of cubes, charging hub and wireless USB adapter (the cubes need to be near a PC or Mac in order to work). Priced at $149, they’re available for pre-order now through sifteo.com, with orders scheduled to ship in September.