|  May 6, 2009


I know some of y’all be thinking I hate on Rick Ross a lil too much…trust me it’s not intentional lol, I just write what I think y’all will read and as most Rick Ross stories get hits of 800+ I try to give you all what you appear to want.
But even if the views were down on Rick’s entries I would still be posting this as it is funny as hell and to be honest even if I was Ricky’s numero uno fan I would still have to post it. In a recent interview The Boss explained that he has a certain item he likes to wear when getting his groove on…his damn shades. Ross shared all about his addiction to designer shades in a recent interview with www.streetlevel.com and here are just a few of the questions asked and Ricky’s answers.

Er, do you have sex in your diamond shades?

I’ve had sex in my shades, sometimes I wear my clear ones. A lot of ladies compliment my eyelashes so I don’t want people to see them, I’m shy, so wear my shades all the time. I never told nobody that before.

Ever wear them on the toilet?

I wear my shades on the toilet. You’re comfortable in there so . . . they preserve the smoke integrity for another hour. For example, right now I’m sitting in the Def Jam offices, I just went in the bathroom took me a lil’ smoke break, and I keep my shades on to keep it going.

Cute eyelashes…WTF? I mean come on, how could I not post this?