|  March 29, 2009


I was wondering what had taken him so long to throw his two cents into the pot. Ja Rule spoke on the Rick Ross and 50 Cent beef by saying “I’m sittin’ back getting a good laugh and sh*t. But yo, check me on that ‘Mafia Music’ remix. Holla back. Ross, you know how we do, n*gga.” Oh wow when will he learn that his ship sailed back in 2000? Would Rick Ross be so stupid to collabo with Jeffrey on a joint we wonder…but again Ja is talking about an album being released this year so I guess he gotta get his five mins of publicity somewhere and why not attempt to get it off someone else’s name.

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    mah nigga

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    Please don’t waste our time anymore, you are wack and will never make a hit again

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    I Got trax if u need em angelo24u@hotmail.com

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    Ja the truth haters..