50 Cent had been killing as of late, but he obviously had to inevitably do something I was going to complain about again.  Here it is.  His collab with the french dance music producer David Guetta.  Super heavy Euro wave.  Even though I actually think David Guetta records are awesome, this is another case of famous people doing a collaboration for the mere fact they are famous.  Give me David Guetta collabs with people like Akon and Kelly Rowland all day.  However, when it comes to 50 he should make music I would want playing in the background during a robbery as opposed to an Ibiza rager.  Are we gunna see Fif in a pair of Capri pants with an accompanying fanny pack in the near future?  I hear that is quite the fashion power move over in Europe.

50 Cent “Bullsh*t & Party” (prod. David Guetta)