• Smokin420live420

    Nothin but RESPECT for unc. I mean if the wrong people see it they will try to bring him up on abuse charges but, the cold fact of it all is that more kids need to have their asses beat. Embarrassment is often a form of punishment that stays with you forever

  • Youngmall05

    hell yea more lil dudes need there ass beat real talk all the times i got my ass beat lol made me a better person so that will make lil man a better person. NOTHIN BUT RESPECT FOR UNC!!!!!!!!!!

  • god

    Thats whats up….good job sammy boi!

  • Raymond6981

    this is a pretty good post much much more of this is needed..but sam i would say no disrespect but screw it..white black or whatever.. if you posted and wrote about it to be positive but if you posted it to be funny its a shame and plain and simple thats the difference between races…we do this to better show whats right from wrong to the ones who choose or at least look at the right path…what discipline do you guys have? because we seen what time out will do…plain and simple dont judge what good or bad parenting is if your not from that family or backround its disrespectful..