When People Become Insitutionalized…

 |  September 26, 2011

Just taking another opportunity to sh*t on America’s criminal justice system.  Have you ever met someone and within two minutes you can tell they have done time?  These people tend to have highly aggressive and defensive personality traits that just reek of prison.  It’s actually kind of sad.  This is just further proof that rehabilitation is the last word that should describe what actually happens in prison.  Via mySA:

Most inmates want out of the pen. Randall Lee Church burned a house down to get back inside.

Released in April after years of incarceration, he could not adjust. “Everything had gone fast forward without me,” he said in a recent interview at Bexar County Jail.

Church, 46, admits he did it. He already has pleaded guilty to arson and is going back to prison, where he spent 26 years for fatally stabbing a man.

Stepping out to freedom, “I didn’t know how to use computers or cell phones or the Internet,” Church said. “The weirdest thing was walking into a store, like Walmart, and have parents hide their children from me, like I was supposed to jump at them.”

Fed up on July 10, 96 days after his release, he poured gasoline through a window of the empty house on the Southeast Side, then threw in flaming rags and paper towels, setting the place on fire.

Days later, he told police he did it because he wanted to go back to his job at his former prison unit.

Most former inmates confront some measure of fear or anxiety upon release, experts say. They tend to have low levels of education, few job skills and high incidences of mental health and substance-abuse issues. Many have no money or family and struggle to find affordable housing and social services.


  • Ea

    Kinda fucked up when u commit a crime to go back to jail because jail seems like the better choice. Your posts usually pick me up. This one brought me down. Its all good though because its real shit at the end of the day. Keep up the good work and FUCK AMERICA'S JUSTICE SYSTEM. They kill innocent people…