When TV Meets Reality…

 |  March 10, 2011

Damn one of my favorite characters from The Wire, Snoop, got caught up in a DEA sting.  Whack.  Hopefully she can beat the case.  I didn’t know she was previously convicted of second-degree murder?  According to Yahoo:

  • BALTIMORE – Police in Baltimore say an actress who appeared on the HBO series “The Wire” was among dozens of people arrested in an early morning drug raid.
    Police say Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, who played a killer of the same name on the hit television series, was among about 30 people arrested. Police declined to say what charges she faces.
    Drug Enforcement Administration agents, Baltimore police and others carried out the raids Thursday in the city.
    Pearson was convicted of second-degree murder as a teenager. In 2008, she was arrested on a minor drug charge when police went to her home to pick her up for refusing to cooperate as a witness in a murder trial. Court records show she was found not guilty on the charge.