|  March 9, 2011


This guy just stays on the offensive.  He had beef with a dude, and the guy shows up while he was getting his hair cut.  What is he supposed to do, sit in the chair vulnerable waiting for the guy to do something?  Hell no.  You reach for the closest pair of scissors and you slash that motherf*cker.  Well played half afro guy, well played.  According to NBC:

  • A New Haven man is in the hospital and due in court later this month after police said he stabbed someone while getting his hair cut in Stamford.
    David Davis, 21 of New Haven, was sitting inside an apartment on Henry Street in Stamford’s south end just before 12:30 p.m., getting a haircut, when a man he had been arguing with approached him, police said.
    Davis thought the other person was going to harm him, so he picked up a pair of scissors and slashed the other in the back, police said.