By: Rizoh

      The hardest-working producer/MC in the game says he’s ready to conquer the world once again. Kanyeezy confirmed to MTV that his third album, Graduation, will appeal to listeners of all genres.

     “If you name rap artists, their only responsibility is to rap crowds. If you name a pop artist, their only responsibility is to a pop crowd. If you name some French dance music, their responsibility is to the cool crowd. But I have to deliver songs. All these people are looking at me from super-middle America to the hipsters like, ‘What’s he gonna do next?”


His mom, Dr. Donda West, agrees.


       “This Graduation album is his best ever — musically, as well as the lyrics,” said Dr. West, who recently published a book—Raising Kanye—about her early days with her megastar son. With mom’s support and two videos from Hype Williams, Kanye is set to rule come September 2007.

      “Me and Hype [Williams] went out, we shot nine days. We were out in Japan, we were out in the desert. We’re taking it serious.”

      Graduation features collaborations with the likes of Chris Martin of Coldplay and Common, and is tentatively scheduled to drop on September 18th. A snippet from one of the album’s cuts “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” already found its way onto the web.


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