Who Is Jealous Of Swizz Beatz?

 |  January 13, 2011

This guy is killing it.  Just wifing up Alicia.  Designing shoes for Christian Louboutin?  Then Reebok hollered?  But Swizz din’t just stop there.  He managed get to high profile collaboration with luxurious companies such as Audemars Piguet & Aston Martin.  It’s just cool to see how hip-hop is finally being embraced these types of companies.  Much like the Kanye/Louie deal these companies are acknowledging the people who help sell their products.  Below is a new commercial for Aston Martin and Swizz manages to make a pretty boss cameo.  Just chilling in Portugal and sh*t.  Also cop the new joint he did with Rosé.



  • Mghomer316

    swiss beats is a fraud and a pussy if it wasnt for me thast boy wouldve been dead in a tunnel on fish avenue