So this Sam Adams Wiz character just dropped his album yesterday called, Boston’s Boy,  and as of right now it’s the #1 album in hip-hop on itunes and the #4 album overall.  I remember going home over the holidays, and all the functionally retarded collegiate white girls were telling me about some white rapper from Boston named, Wiz.  So i’m listening to the preview links on itunes, and this kid just sounds likes a really whack white version of another Wiz I know.  Even though I think this kid is kind of a homo, he is succeeding in theory.  So I guess the new template in rap is to just go to an elitist New England college, Trinity in this example, make some really bad pop rap music that dumb girls will interpret  as good.  Finally blast off the album itunes link through facebook, because we all know wanna be bougie white girls are the only ones who buy music in the first place.  So you might as well catch them on facebook just analyzing pictures of themselves, friends, and frememies.  Way to go Sam Adams Wiz!  Check out some youtube clips below if you wanna feel better about yourself, but worse about the current state of hip-hop.




  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ iHipHop

    pop rap has arrived

  • Joe

    Hip Hop is dead

  • Hiphop

    Hip hop is dead, Pop is alive

  • fosterakahunter

    Straight garbage, and not just cause it's so mediocre, but because this signals the beginning of another disturbing trend in rap.

  • _Mike Stylezz_T

    hate it or love it Pop is where its at now …Wayne,Jay,TI are the last of the platinum rapper breed.

  • lanning

    damn, everyone hating so hard

  • roman

    wow so many haters in this world today lol

  • Snow

    yall do know that wayne, jigga, and TI are pop rappers…please tell me you know that. if not…don't ever say hip-hop again. go get yourself a jay electronica cd or talib kweli. thats rap.

  • jadenicole

    he is such a beast! amazingly talented, and sexy as hell(: complete hottie XD

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/ iHipHop

    How is the music?

  • Jay

    lol listen to rollin' or tab open by this guy.. hes one of the better rappers out there today certainly a lot better than wiz khlafia… and why are we hating on this kid? soulja boys still alive. “I cant feel my legs im uma therman in this damn thing my revenge is pill formed alderol and ying yang”