kanye west gives the best interviews of all time. OF ALL TIME! just when you think he’s gone into hiding for good, that the president throwing dirt on his name might permanently relegate him to begrudging exile, that a n*gga might be better off in Paris, he emerges more defiant than the last time.

frankly, this level of confident rebellion makes me at once proud to be a black man in ‘murica, and undoubtedly conflicted about what that role has come to mean in the public eye. on the one hand, a jury might find my murderer not guilty of my death because they could “reasonably understand” why someone might fear me for just walking down the street in a given neighborhood. on the other hand, black excellence is the highest tier its ever reached in U.S. political life, entertainment media and astrophysics. the ceiling was never this high, nor the cellar this low.

mr. west understands this contradiction, as he typifies the iconic popular artist while also touting some of the most ignorant, unformed ideas we’ve ever heard. for the son of a celebrated scholar and a cultured photojournalist, he seems to trade constantly in the most reductive and absurd conclusions, the most dangerous hyperbole, and the simplest logical missteps. but that’s why we love him! not only does he defy social norms, he defies sanity in a way that’s valuable in a culture of followers and consumers, willing sheep in a capitalist greed machine. he’s not “too righteous” to avoid indulging in it either. tell PETA his mink is draggin’ on the floor. he married his white woman, publicly berates imagined opponents, and hunts (fruitlessly) for any f*ck to give about it. that is inspiring on multiple levels, and if you find yourself only frustrated by his lapses but not delighted by his risks, chances are, they already got you.

that’s fine. you’ve got a mortgage to pay. you can’t be worried about the strains of creating timeless art or questioning the social hierarchy. leave it to the experts blowhards to do that. ladies and gentlemen: kanye west!

Watch Kanye’s latest rant on Jimmy Kimmel here

  • elizaa

    I cringe every time he opens his mouth!

  • kanani

    The fact that he feels the need to compare to el jacko… what a whack job.

  • moonglade

    Don’t get me wrong I love his music, but I do agree with you that he’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

  • Faith

    I agree that yeezus is not his best work, but then again, it’s one of the few albums I’ve bought.

  • nivlayd

    If you think that being interviewed drunk is the best way to be interviewed, well then Kanye is just the best interviewee ever.

  • there

    I think Kanye needs to practice thinking a lot before opening his mouth.

  • rebel

    Something’s not right with Kanye. We all know that.

  • nacirema

    This: “Everry time kanye sits for an interview, he has this industry of terror and malice on the brain.”

  • RE:Session

    I have stopped listening to his interviews a long time ago. He’s makes good music, but I really can’t stand him as a person.

  • mallers

    I am not sure how to react to this piece. Insightful, but pointless.