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Looks like Jay Z played the role of entertainer perfectly on Monday night in Boston after the ‘other’ Mr Carter had issues (yet again) with the security screening in place for EVERYONE entering the event, even Jay and LeBron James who was in attendance. Various people had tried to convince Lil Wayne to perform but the rapper had had what the Boston Herald report as nothing short of a ‘tantrum’. Weezy had appeared drunk on arrival at the concert and when one of his entourage set off the metal detector Wayne ad literally flipped and walked out.
The JAM’N 94.5 Monster Jam was saved though by Jigga who filled in for Weezy who has been skipping concerts and thinking security checks are not really necessary for him quite a lot recently. We all know Weezy is getting paid but still, four shows he has flaked on in the last couple of months is not a good look. You gotta keep those fans happy. However turns out fans were more than happy with what Jay Z pulled off for them, the Roc Nation artist performed for twice as long to numerous encores. There has been a lil rumor that Weezy was not really overjoyed with the fact that he was sharing the bill with Jay at the event, but that has yet to be confirmed.
So for all those waiting on both Mr Carter’s to join each other on stage, you are going to have to wait a lil longer, all of 24 hours anyway