|  December 4, 2008


Not surprising that Juelz Santana is financing his Skull Gang videos out of his pocket, he did the same thing three years ago when he was pushing his What the Game’s Been Missing Project on Def Jam. He released five videos for that album and out of those five, he paid for three, even with a major behind him. But is it Skull Gang videos that fans want to see?
With Juelz being out of the spotlight for quite a while now perhaps he might want to take note of what his stans are looking for and that is just stuff from him with people not necessarily over impressed with what Skull Gang is coming with. Word on the street is that Juelz has been making promises to people he just has to keep when it comes to putting Skull Gang in the limelight and that would explain why he is going all out. His solo album Born to Lose, Built to Win is expected next year but don’t be surprised if you see nothing but Skull Gang projects next year while he keeps to his word for once.