Wiz Khalifa Arrested!

 |  November 9, 2010

I mean this was inevitable.  Wiz’s celebrity finally caught up with him.  You can’t just habitually rub this weed sh*t in people’s face before some whack a$$ police arrest you on some hater sh*t.  However according to MTV these charges are no joke:

  • [Wiz] was charged with a felony count of trafficking in marijuana, a felony count of maintaining a dwelling/vehicle/place for sale or storage of marijuana and one misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. Nine other people were arrested along with Khalifa on the same charges and were still in jail at press time.

Wiz was arrested at about 1:30 in the morning in Greenville, NC and posted his $300,000 bail at about 8 this morning.  Below is some video of Wiz getting arrested, as well as a tweet from Wiz this morning.



  • sbeezy

    dude had 30 pounds lmao

  • Smokin420live420

    Idiocy at its best. Just when i think i might like a rapper he goes and does some dumb ass shit.

  • da carter

    SMH!! he might wanna put out a song called black & white or orange suits and tush!! LOL just playin!! i fux wit wiz tho!! hope he get off!!