Would John Gotty Co-Sign This?

 |  January 27, 2011

So it’s looking like John Travolta is going to play John Gotti in an upcoming feature film based on his life.  I don’t really care that Travolta is a closeted homosexual, but I doubt a hyper conservative Italian mob boss would want a dude who meets guys for sex in bath houses to play him.  But the Gotti family seems to have co-signed Mr. Travolta.  How progressive of them.  According to The Daily Mail:

  • It takes a very strong individual to sit down with one of the world’s most notorious crime families.
    But if it could result in playing one of the biggest roles of his career, you can hardly blame John Travolta for jumping at the chance to hang out with the mob.
    The actor was snapped having a meal with John Angelo Gotti, himself a former mobster, but also the son of one of New York’s most feared – and sometimes revered  – crime boss, the late John Gotti.

    Travolta met with Junior Gotti – as he is known – hoping to seek his approval to play the King of New York in an upcoming biopic.
    And thankfully for the star, there were no horses heads in his bed the following morning as he was given the family’s utmost blessing.

Below from left to right is John Angelo Gotti (John Gotti’s son), John Travolta, and director Nick Cassavete.


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  • Smokin420live420

    Uggg, learn some mob history before you spout off remarks that make you look like a mindless blogger. Gotti was far from conservative, in fact he was one of the main figures that tore apart the old school mafia. The old mafia was about discrestion then gotti comes along and ruined it for the whole organization. Historical fact, gotti's flamboyance and heroine business was frowned upon and brought uneeded attention and heat to the five families at that time.

  • http://twitter.com/SamPattillo iHipHop Sam

    So Gotti wasn't conservative when it came to social issues such as homosexuality? Sit down homie. I watched that history channel special to.

  • Smokin420live420

    Listen fella, I read your blogs almost faithfully because I find you to be a good writer but, being conservative goes way beyond being against homosexuality or not. He might have been a sexual conservative but, his business and personal antics were not conservative and at the end of the day if the only thing you can base this on is his openly anti-homosexual lifestyle…that isnt enough to be considered conservative as a whole. Gotti fucked up big time and was one of the instrumental players in the downfall of the old school mafia because of his anti-conservative actions and business tactics. So sit down slowmie, I do alot more than watch history channel…I read books.