Would You Pay $1000 For Trash?

 |  August 3, 2011

I think Christian Loboutin took inspiration from Ke$ha’s trashy look and our new obsession with “being green” then thus created the latest addition to the shoe line: “Eco-trash” pumps! The heels sport PVC-glossed garbage, snakeskin and the label’s well-known red heel.

The garbage is not what you may initially imagine (banana peels and other funky decayed discarded items), actually it is “pieces of thread, postage stamps, scribbled notes, leftover sequins, and fabric swatches from seasons past.” These heels are all unique and no two pairs look the same… and the going price is $1,095.

However as eco-friendly as this heels are, I don’t think they’ll be selling out. Isn’t fashion supposed to be tactful not tacky?loubs