Sometimes in life we have to make hard choices. Other times, those options are artificial and we can have our cake and eat it too. Take Nitty Scott, for example. Take her seriously, for one, because she's a more-than-decent emcee with cred she's built over the last 5 years by getting nice with it on the YouTube and at shows. But in the wake of Nicki Minaj and in the legacy of Lil Kim, she's taken to showing more of her body probably as a play to call attention to her other, uh, attributes as a performer. No mind that Nitty has always been appealing, this is a transition into something else. Click the jump for pics and videos. As a loving fan, and a fair observer of the culture, it's a tough call to decide whether or not I'd click on a Nitty song sooner than I would click on a photo set. While her music has been inoffensive, a grade above mediocre and certainly very cute, it's not knocking down the Billboard charts any time soon. On the other hand, her photos tell the story of someone whose pictures I want to see over and over again. Nitty at the beach. Nitty drinking Moet. Nitty on the hood of a car in a cleavage-baring dress. Then again, the freestyle game she displays has gotten sharper as she gets more coverage, proving she's got a dog in the fight for respectable rapping. Instead of making that deliberation selfishly, the fine authors here have decided to hand it over to the audience for a vote. So, which would you rather: Nitty Scott Instagram or Nitty Scott Freestyles? Click the jump for pics and videos.  

10. Poetic Justice/Rhythm Nation

Costume Fun

The Janet Jackson in the early 90s look mixed with some Madonna Material Girl. Certainly not bad. We've got a baby hair sighting and a stylist primping her. It's glam, but still mysterious. Grade: A-

9. RapFix Live Freestyle

She starts well with the freestyle and then has some problems with breath control. Mr. Mfn Exquire obnoxiously steals from her time by rubbing his belly in the camera shot as she begins. All told, it's a clear, crisp verse without profanity and enough generic on-the-come-up rap bullsh*t to be listenable. Grade: B+

8. The Dressing Room

It fits

Why thank you. See ya getting dressed over there. Like your outfit(s). Kourtney Kardashian level selfie game also. Phenomenal display. Grade: A

7. Deep Cover Freestyle

Like a true NY emcee, Nitty channels Pun more than Snoop and Dre on this free-verse. It's non sequitur, verbose, hungry and cohesive. There is a dip in the groove when she gets on her astrological intergalactical battle bars. Those don't fit here and sound like an attempt to show she owns a dictionary. Rookie mistakes but overall a tough-as-nails verse on a classic beat. Grade: A-

6. Mickey Mouse Club

Join now!

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. All Disney ambassadors who went on to make great careers in music after starting as mousketeer munchkins. Although Nitty was not a part of the TV kids singing gang, she did dress up as Disney characters at the theme park. Close enough! Thigh high socks and a leotard and she could be a Thundercat for all we care. It works. Grade: A

5. Next In Line

Telling line: "I ain't playing the ass card." Granted this is from 2010 so maybe she wanted to test the tomboy appeal while she upped her bars. After 4 years grinding, the ass card is being played. Another curious note is her choice of a Nicki Minaj legacy verse to chart her way. She definitely tries for a lot and comes up gasping, which paints her as amateur and earnest. Nonetheless, the message of this appearance is clear, she means business. Down with the superficial stuff and no oversexing the content. However irrelevant that is now, it was an honest step forward into the bloodsucking industry of hip-hop. Grade: B-

4. Evening Wear

Glass of bubbly?

Sharp. Sophisticated. Candy rainfall for the thirsty masses. Side chest exposure in that whole upper area. Marvelous. Grade: A+

3. "Bath Salt" Freestyle

This is all of the sex appeal of the last picture while showing none of the skin. It shows her experience and confidence as a performer goes beyond what she's saying. How she says each line is the feature piece. She never drops a syllable or orphans a concept. In other words, some of her best work is right here in this low-key indie video. Grade: A

2. Squeaky Clean

Minnie's understudy

When all else fails, dress up. Grade: A+++

1. Nitty's No Picnic

Oh no thanks. I already ate.

We had to end with this. Them shorts? The thumb biting with a side of dimple? Ugh. A clear winner.