Off of his forthcoming EP, A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL!.

Xxxtentacion has adequately demonstrated his diverse aesthetic over the course of his relatively short, explosive rise—both personally and musically. A man who’s been the subject of sexual abuse allegations has also started an anti-rape movement; the same man who created a song with the lyrics “Can’t keep my dick in my pants, aye” (“Look At Me!”), also authored the introspective, melancholic album, 17. Today, he’s back with a positive message on his newest track, “hate will never win”.

Using various Donald Trump soundbites to form his message, X is actively trying to right his previous wrongs by improving his moral compass while simultaneously questioning our president’s consistent display of atrocity. For a kid with a haunting past, it’s difficult to look at the man leading our country conduct himself with little to no moral rectitude, and justify behaving virtuously himself. Still, X knows deep down that he is in a position to affect change, and wants to use his platform to do just that, to instill unity in a nation divided.

“hate will never win” is a single off of X’s forthcoming EP, A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL!. Stream his new track below: