Beyonce & Fam

Recently it was revealed that Tina Knowles had filed for divorce from Mathew Knowles, after allegations from Alexasandra Wright that Mr. Knowles had fathered a child with her while married to Tina.  Well it’s looking like Tina’s decison to bounce from her husband of 26 years was a good look.  The DNA results recently came in from Ms. Wright’s new baby girl, and you guessed it, Mathew Knowles YOU ARE the father.  I wonder how Beyonce & Solange feel about this development.  This is compeltley heresey and unproveable information, however when I was in interning in London I worked with a guy who used to mangage Mathew Knowles finances.  Anyway he told me that the guy was a raging cokehead.  Once again I can’t prove that as a fact, but I don’t see why the guy would lie bout it.