You want me to drink that?

 |  December 4, 2006

By: Hot Gossip Gal
Apparently a so called fan paid out for a bottle of Cristal to send over to Jay-Z at the New York Marquee club this weekend and what did Jay do? Instead of politely thanking the fan and returning it to the bar, El Presidente opted to just pour the bottle on the floor and continue the evening. Not quite sure who to be mad at here really, Jayfor acting like a spoiled diva or the fan for not knowing Jay had boycotted Cristal. I mean you spending possibly a g on a bottle for a person you admire, you should be fully aware of his boycott of the french bubbly right? Unless you  just want to piss the president off…makes you think a lil.

  • God-of- Rap

    Fuck that……SON is on some other shit but I assume unlike the buyer of that bottle of cris, I AINT MAD AT EM.

  • Smokeymacpott

    That was lame of Jay to do that shit, he could have sent that shit least sign my cd cover shit.

  • Shi ReMy

    i wont waste ma hard earn money on a nigga thats making millions already 1st off,but if i was, i would kno better than to buy a bottle of cris…lesson learned nigga lolol

  • Romei rome

    if the “fan” was a true jay-Z fan he would have known that jay boycotted the cristal for the presidents racist and prejudice comments he mad about hip-hop and black people, if i was jay i would have pissed in it and gave it back to the fan

  • Heavens Movie

    Lets turn our focus away from the Crystal jus a lil bit..I am no hater, well ..maybe when it can get me the pussy..but nevermind man .uhhhh wats his name “God-of-Rap”, dawg the stuff ya speak is momentus, but I think I speak for errbody when I say…Exactly what the fuck do you be talking about?