By: Rizoh

      If Tony Yayo is found guilty of assaulting Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond’s 14-year old son, then he should be prepared to lose some fans, including fellow G-Unit soldier Young Buck. The 26-year old Tennessee rapper expressed his disappointment while on New York’s Hot 97 FM to promote his sophomore album, Buck the World.

      “I don’t respect anybody beating up no kids,” Buck told Angie Martinez on Hot 97. “I can’t rock with nothing that’s wrong. If Yayo did it, that ain’t what’s up. I ain’t with putting my hands on any child, period. And you shouldn’t either.”

      Buck also shed some light on his verbal altercation with the Game during the 2007 All-Star weekend.

      “It was the first time that we’ve ever been in the same building at the same time,” Buck recounts. “I took it upon myself to go to the stage and see what it was. I told the DJ to play “One Blood.” I like the record, to be real. He didn’t have it. So I told him to play whatever record he had from the Game. I addressed the Game with the situation. I ain’t gon’ lie, homeboy started to make it to the stage. Security got scared and they pushed him away from the club.”   The story goes that Game called Buck a week after the incident.

      “I chose to have a conversation with him because, honestly, 50 Cent would never have a conversation with him. So, 50 gave me permission to have a conversation with him. We left the conversation on the note of ‘You do you without involving us, and we’ll do us without involving you.’”


Buck the World is due out today, March 27th.

  • LordSha

    Buck is a rapper who deserves respect from ya G-Unit haters because he proving he not just one of 50’s lil nigga like Yaho. I almost didn’t buy his album today because of that old bastards Yaho attacking a Jimmy Henchmen son 14 year old son but something told me get it cause cuz wouldn’t do some dumb shit like that 45 year old dud glad I bought it and that Buck stood up to the machine.

  • Lmbrjck

    Buck is on some grown-man shit, not no bitch shit his boys(G-Unit) is on.

  • gamblez (empire)

    damn buck i know u ride for ya crew man but i gotta do it…fuck 50!!!!!!!

  • Will the Thrill

    preach on Brotha Buck!!

  • Carlito_Bragonti2

    Its crazy but i think Buck is the the only girl unit member with some since


    Buck is that NIGGA!!!!

  • DaSuspect

    Buck The World!! Go Get that album man.. that shit is fire….

  • birdilu

    am wit u homie on some real shit.wat lil boys do or say should’t heart da heart of a real gansta yo harrrd me

  • gamblez (empire)

    damn buck i know u ride for ya crew man but i gotta do it…fuck 50!!!!!!!