This artwork is not helping Buck’s comeback.

Young Buck Back On My Buck Sh*t Vol. 2: Change of Plans


1. Let Me Go
2. Came BackStream
3. Got Me One
4. In The Clouds
5. AM_FM
6. Cleaned Off
7. Betta Tell Em
8. Identify
9. U Know What It Is
10. I’m Done With Yall
11. Mark Barton
12. The Blues ft Game – Stream
13. Gettin It
14. LockdownStream
15. The Streets
16. Down Wit Em
17. Taxin
18. Round Me

  • Smokin420live420

    I will pass, Buck is weak. His lyrics are sub-par at best and he has no real substance to his raps. Typical “ballin out of control” type shit. I also refuse to listen to an ignorant man, any man who enters into the contract he did with 50 and allows himself to get stuck like he did has sub-par intelligence. I suppose this would classify me as a hater…

  • iHipHop

    Hmmm. Those are pretty harsh words g

  • CLSKS99

    You should never judge someone based on a contract; you should judge based on skin color.

  • Smokin420live420

    I hope that is a joke. Color should never be a factor in a character judgement. Any well known person with a forum such as a rapper should exercise a certain level of responsibility with their lyrics. Music is the sound of emotion and music also guides people. Bucks music is weak minded and weak hearted. It's just an opinion. If he came out with music of substance, music with a solution to a problem or a message to a problem instead of rapping about the life he leads then I would offer my respect. He is a run of the mill rapper. Also, in regards to the color statement. If you starve any man , he hungers. if you cut any man, he bleeds. If you withhold air from anyman , he sufficates. These 3 things make all men equal and deserving of whatever the world has to offer.

  • Jellybean

    Well said, my friend.
    We need more guys with common sense like this in society.
    Of course this artist Young Buck is gullible and not to mention naive.
    He should know not to accept all this money and false friendship from his former boss in order to take part in destroying the man's rival Ja. After all, these guys are from the same city and once the beef is gone; Then what? You are just a guy from Tennessee with lots of misplaced loyalty and very little business sense. The music biz is very similar to the streets. Spend your dollars slowly and invest in new technology to keep you in the game. see T-Pain. Deal with individuals with good principles, and you will go far. Start your own team, Manage some fresh new artists, write music for them, and collect you some producer points and album credits. The new generation is vibrant with energy and they need guidance, get some of them like Gucci does and help them get their bread and you make a lil dough for finders fee. Look at How far Diddy got managing other people, that should be your gig David Brown..

  • MaddLeak

    WhuuD it Doo?

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