Young Jeezy Calls Rick Ross Beef “Tofu”

 |  November 10, 2010

Whoever filmed this pulled the run up on a rapper and start asking random questions trick  It can be kind of painful to watch.  While in Miami Jeezy was asked about Rick Ross he stated “it is what it is” and “where your favorite rapper at?  I’m in the streets n*gga!“.  He also calls the beef “tofu” before looking down at the gun in his waistband.  How informative!



  • Www Lfglamar

    yea nigga my nigga jeezy str8 real dats y i listen to him where the fuk was ross his pussy ass it aint nuthin pussy bout jeezy nigga just kno dat jeezy da realist nigga in da game

  • CEO

    2010 and a worth millions and this dude got hot over some blue chucks?!? i guess…