I’m not one to usually diss anyone but I find it hard to root for anyone that takes someone else’s moniker.  Tha Notorious J.O.C.?  Really?  I mean if you come out with great material and great concepts then maybe you can use that man’s aura but if you ain’t sit down bro.  Joc hopes he gets a wave like Chris Brown with this Ready To Fly mixtape, he might who knows.

I think this mixtape is definitely one of those ones that people should definitely check out, especially for the naysayers that’s like, ‘It’s over for that guy.’ That’s cool too. There are a lot of cats that people say it’s over for,” he said. “I remember on my last mixtape, Grind Flu, I got a song with Chris Brown. I remember people were like, ‘Why you got Chris on there? It’s over for him.’ Look at him now.’ “It’s just funny how people jump ship so fast. It don’t take but a little buzz, a little heat up under that frying pan to heat things up, and people are right back on the bandwagon,” Joc added. “Hopefully that’s what this mixtape will do, because I’m gonna keep coming, dropping video after video.” Via mtv