Plies Goes Platinum with “Shawty”

By: Rizoh Plies may never sell a million records this year, but the Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic recording artist already has a platinum plaque under his belt. Plies’ popular tune “Shawty” (featuring T-Pain) has now sold over a million ringtones, according to reports from Billboard’s Hot RingMasters chart. In addition to “Shawty,” Plies has 6 other songs from his debut album, The Real Testament, on the Hot RingMasters chart.

Ashanti Trying To Be Relevant

By: Hot Gossip Gal Well I think she is looking pretty hot on this cover of King…still kicking it with Nelly, but for some reason she didn’t walk the red carpet with him this weekend down in the A…now I heard a rumor that there was a little wardrobe malfunction that had her running for cover..anyway just wish she sounded as good as she looks

And He’s Back Again…

By: Hot Gossip Gal …on the cover of XXL. Cool cover for a cool dude..i guess

Congress Holds Hearings on “Jena Six”

By: Rizoh After months of pressure from the public and media, the United States Congress has finally decided to address the Jena Six incident. The House committee on Judiciary held hearings today to discuss the case of six black teenagers in the small town of Jena, LA who were charged with the beating of a white student. The incident happened after three white kids hung nooses on a tree on a high school campus there. African-American civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton asked Congress to expand hate crime laws to accommodate noose-hanging incidents like the one that occurred at Jena High School.

T.I. to Remain in Jail for a Long Time

By: Rizoh T.I., who was arrested by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives agents on federal gun charges last weekend, has been ordered today to remain in custody until a bail hearing later this week. The self-proclaimed King of the South was cuffed on Saturday, just before his scheduled appearance at the 2007 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Federal authorities say he tried to buy three machine guns and two silencers from a man cooperating with the ATF. Prosecutors are hoping to keep T.I. detained until his trial date. If convicted, the 27-year old rapper could face more than five in prison.

Lauryn Hill Pregnant

By: Hot Gossip Gal Well well well, I guess her come back to Hip-Hop flopped so doing what she knows she does real well, Lauryn is expecting another child with baby Daddy Rohan Marley..Ms Hill is said to be a real hands on Mom…I mean we could tell that when she turned up in the clowns outfit after performing at a kids party to rock a set in Europe

50 Celebrates “50 Cent Day” in Connecticut

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno While bloggers and media alike continually attack 50 Cent for his music and arrogance, the folks in Connecticut were showing him some love over the weekend. The rapper was hanging out in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Mayor John M Fabrizi’s office on Friday and talked to about 50 teenagers about his life, his music and the industry. "I say in one of my songs I hate cops. I don’t hate cops," he said according to the Connecticut Post. "But I am expressing the feelings of a young boy who sees the cops take his brother away, and hates them for it. I don’t do drugs. That was who I was, but I changed direction. My music reflects the early part of my life. I got shot five times. But everybody has pain, whether it is from losing a parent or being in a bad relationship. God fits our pain to each person." Mayor Fabrizi declared Friday 50 Cent Day in Bridgeport, while 50 gave a $25,000 check from his G-Unity Foundation to the Hall Neighborhood House, an early childhood education program that is expanding its performing arts offerings. Fifty is currently in Bridgeport shooting the upcoming film, “Righteous Kill,” which hits theatres next year.

Priority Records Dropping Mack 10, Westside Connection Hits

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno People forget about Mack 10 quite a bit, especially since he hasn’t released anything of significance in sometime. Capitol/Priority Records certainly hasn’t forgot and they’re reminding fans of Mack’s contributions with “The Best of Mack 10: Foe Life.” The album drops on December 4 and features 19 tracks from his six albums over the last 12 years. Capitol/Priority is also releasing “The Best of Westside Connection: The Gangsta, The Killa, and the Dope Dealer” on December 4. The collection will feature selcted tracks from both Westside Connection albums, “Bow Down” and “Terrorist Threats.” Here’s the track listing for both Mack 10 and Westside Connection albums. The Best Of Mack 10: Foe Life 1. Foe Life 2. Hate In Yo Eyes 3. Nothin\' But The Cavi Hit (with Tha Dogg Pound) 4. Like This (with Nate Dogg) 5. From Tha Streetz 6. Only In California (with Ice Cube & Snoop Doggy Dogg) 7. Money\'s Just A Touch Away (with Gerald Levert) 8. On Them Thangs 9. Do The Damn Thing 10. Hoo Bangin\' 11. The Testimony (with Young Soprano & Pastor Steven Hamilton) 12. Hustle Game 13. The Letter 14. Chicken Hawk 15. My Chucks 16. Tha Weekend (featuring Ice Cube & Techniec) 17. W/S Foe Life 18. Get Yo Ride On (featuring Eazy E & M.C. Eiht) 19. Mozi-Wozi The Best Of Westside Connection: The Gangsta, The Killa And The Dope Dealer 1. Potential Victims 2. The Gangsta, The Killa And The Dope Dealer 3. Bow Down 4. Cheddar 5. Gangsta Nation (with Nate Dogg) 6. Lights Out 7. Connected For Life (with Butch Cassidy) 8. Gangstas Make the World Go Round 9. West Up! 10. Let It Reign 11. Hoo-Bangin\' (WSCG style) 12. Walk 13. So Many Rappers in Love 14. Bangin\' (with Master P) [previously out-of-print track] 15. Nobody (with Timbaland) 16. All The Critics in NY 17. Westside Slaughterhouse 18. Terrorist Threats

Kanye, Common, T.I. Cop Multiple Wins at BET Awards

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno The BET Hip-Hop Awards were held in Atlanta on Saturday and the winners of the awards all around may satisfy even the most purist hip-hopper. Common walked away with the coveted Lyricist of the Year Award and CD of the Year, which he tied with T.I. Kanye West doesn’t have much to complain about since he won the award for Best Live Performance and Best Video for “Stronger.” KRS was also honored with the “I Am Hip-Hop” Award. Even the kids were represented at the show with Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat” won Best Dance and the Track of the Year was won by Shop Boyz for “Party Like a Rock Star.” Lil Wayne also won multiple awards with MVP of the Year and People’s Champ for “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” with Birdman. The award show will air on Wednesday night on BET with performances from Kanye, Nelly, Ludacris, Lil Wayne and others. Here’s the full list of winners: Best Collabo: UGK featuring Outkast, “International Players Anthem” Best Movie: “Stomp The Yard” Best Dance: “Crank Dat Soulja Boy,” Soulja Boy Lyricist of the Year: Common Video Director of the Year: Part-time Atlantan Hype Williams Track of the Year: “Party Like a Rockstar,” Shop Boyz CD of the Year: Common, “Finding Forever,” and T.I., “T.I. vs. T.I.P.” Best U.K. Hip-Hop Act: Kano Best Live Performance: Kanye West Producer of the Year: Timbaland MVP: Lil Wayne DJ of the Year: DJ Khaled Hustler of the Year: 50 Cent Best Ringtone: “Big Things Poppin,’ ” T.I. People’s Champ: “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy,” Birdman and Lil Wayne Best Video: “Stronger,” Kanye West

T.I. Arrested on Felony Charges, Misses BET Hip-Hop Awards

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno When you watch the BET Hip-Hop Awards on Wednesday, you’ll notice that T.I. won’t be there to pick up the couple of awards that he won. On Saturday afternoon, hours before the award show was being taped, T.I. was arrested by federal agents for possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers, and possession of firearms by a convicted felon, both felonies. T.I was arrested in the parking lot of an Atlanta Walgreens after he tried to buy the weapons from a cooperating witness with the ATF. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the “cooperating witness” is actually T.I.’s bodyguard who was previously busted by the ATF for buying weapons from an agent. After T.I.’s arrest, agents went to his house and found three rifles, two pistols and a revolver in a walk-in closet. Three of the weapons were purchased by the “cooperating witness.” Hassan Musaddiq, a cameraman for the Atlanta public access hip-hop show "Severe Entertainment," told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he saw the entire arrest go down in the parking while he was getting equipment to cover the awards show. "I saw the ATF come out of nowhere," Musaddiq said. "They had them all on the ground. At first, I didn’t even realize it was T.I. It was crazy. There was an unmarked black van and then about 10 squad cars came in. I didn’t see T.I. with any weapons but the ATF officers had guns out. It was total drama." T.I., who is a convicted felon, may face a hefty prison sentence. He will appear in court today.

Hair Not Did…Can’t Go To Court

By: Hot Gossip Gal On the is Foxy up to? She missed three buses the other day which were to take her from Rikers to court. First time she missed the bus because her hair and make up weren’t done, second time she was eating lunch and third time she just didn’t want to go..on the real WTF?

Kay Slay is Mad at Busta

By: Hot Gossip Gal Even though he is saying he isn’t..he keeps coming with these subliminal disses yo. On his show the other night he was bitching that Bus didnt show up at a party Pap was having, which just happened to be the same night as THE HIP HOP HONORS. I mean come on Slay, ATCQ launched Busta’s career..course he gonna go hang out with real celebs at the Honors…quit your whining yo

Eve Goes at Fergie and Gwen Stefani: “They’re Not Hip-Hop!”

By: Rizoh In case you’re still trying to figure out how to categorize artists like Fergie and Gwen Stefani, who occasionally blur the line between pop and hip-hop, just fall back and let Eve do the honors. The pitbull-in-a-skirt clearly drew a distinction between those pop stars and hip-hop during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “What makes it hard is that they’re not hip-hop,” quipped Eve. “I’ll never, ever be able to give Fergie and Gwen that tit;e/ I love them. They make good music. They emulate hip-hop in certain things that they do, but they’re not hip-hop. I think that hurts hip-hop because it’s confusing the lines.”

Nas Picks a Controversial Title for His Next Album

By: Rizoh Al Sharpton’s jaw will probably hit the floor when he hears the title Nas picked for his next album. During a recent performance at New York’s Roseland Ballroom, Nas disclosed that his 10th album, due in December, will be titled Nigga. Nas previously chose that title for his last project, but decided to change it at the last minute. Nas performed a string of hits from his catalog at the NY show, including “One Love,” “Hip-Hop is Dead,” “Hate Me Now,” and “Eye for an Eye.” He wrapped up the show with “Made You Look,” during which he let off a subliminal diss at 50 Cent. On a related note, Nas’ Greatest Hits disc is due out on November 6th via Columbia Records. The NY legend plans to shoot a video for “Surviving the Times,” one of the newly recorded songs on the Greatest Hits compilation.

Beyonce Will Not Stop Mary

By: Hot Gossip Gal Plenty of people have been talking, saying Mary’s album is being pushed back because Beyonce is dropping an album on the same day…..WRONG…you really think Mary J Blige is bothered by Jayyonce? Awwww hell to the no…Jayonce doesn’t bother the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul like that. Mary is dropping on the 27th of November and that is THAT.


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