Latifah Plans Hip-Hop Comeback

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Since Queen Latifah hasn’t released a hip-hop album since 1998’s “Order in the Court” and her last and current albums feature her singing old jazz and blues covers, most fans considered her rap career pretty much done. But in an interview with Billboard, she said that she still has some joints in the chamber. "I’d love to make another rap album," Latifah told "I have some music I’ve already been working on. But everything has to have its proper place; I don’t really want to drop the rap album while (‘Trav’lin’ Light’) is out. I really want to respect every genre for what it is, and I’d prefer to record a rap album and be out there promoting it.” She also said that there are plenty of things to talk about and fans could expect the Latifah they know and love from the 90’s. ‘I’ve always been sort of socially conscious," she said. "For me it’s always about mixing some sort of topic with a hot beat and a good hook. Every record’s not gonna be a message record; there’ll be a good mix of party records and content records mixed with some hot music. I think there’s a bunch of rap heads and hip-hop lovers who are my age. They just want good music that’s not shallow. They really want more from their music. Nobody’s really filled my shoes yet. There’s still room for me to do my thing." Latifah is still doing the movie thing however. Later this year she will narrate, “The Perfect Holiday,” a Christmas story that stars Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Union, Terrence Howard and Charlie Murphy. Latifah will also star in the comedy “Mad Money,” alongside Katie Holmes, Diane Keaton, and Ted Danson in 2008.

Cam Coming Out of Hiding?

By: Hot Gossip Gal Turns out Cam is supposed to be reappearing on 106 and Park this week. Amazing what your boys turning up on stage with your rival will do to a dude…welcome back Cam…can’t wait to hear what you have to say to whats gone down lately homie

Is Jay-Z Going at Dame Dash and LL Cool J on “I Get Money” Remix?

By: Rizoh On the recently leaked “I Get Money (Billion Dollar Remix),” Jay-Z dropped a couple of subliminal disses that got heads talking. Was Hov going at LL Cool J when he rhymed, “I’m already the GOAT next stop is the Billy”? LL, who named one of his albums GOAT, has been spewing some words of resentment towards Jay ever since he took over as Def Jam president. And it’s hard to contend that this line wasn’t directed at Dame Dash: “When I flipped Rocawear, I told ‘em gimme mine in cash, yeah, checks might bounce. Alphabet boys might check my accounts.” As we reported back in April, Dame ran into trouble with the IRS and consequently filed a $3.5 million lawsuit against his accountant Barry Klarberg for bungling years’ worth of tax returns.

50 Cent Cancels European Tours, Accuses Def Jam of Chart-Rigging

By: Rizoh Having received word that Kanye’s album debuted at the top of U.K. charts, 50 Cent has now canceled all major European appearances. 50 was scheduled to perform at the 2007 MOBO Awards and Vodafone Live Music Awards but his representatives told MTV UK that he won’t be able to honor those appearances due to an “unforeseen and unanticipated change in his schedule.” Being the sore loser that he is, Curtis didn’t stop there. He went one to blame Kanye’s label, Def Jam, of chart-rigging. “He’s never had a fraction of the sales 50 Cent has. They could have one scan and have it count four times. West’s entire career hasn’t sold half what I sold on my first album.”

Is She or Isn’t She?

By: HotGossip Gal Word is J Lo is pregnant with her first child with her third husband the odd looking Marc Anthony..lets hope the kid takes after its Momma in the looks department.

Usher Launches Fragrance

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno On Friday, Usher announced that his new “Usher Men’s and Women’s Fragances” is now available. The “Usher He” line includes cologne, aftershave, shower gel and deodorant while the “Usher She” line includes perfume, body cream, lotion, and wash. "I’ve been thinking about [doing] millions of things: watches, jewelry, lingerie, clothing, jeans, caps, home furnishings; but I can only do one thing at a time,” Usher told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "And from the juice, to the bottle, to the carry, the delivery, the amount, the graphics, the photos, the presentation, the literature, everything– I was 100 percent involved in this fragrance. In order to get the juice, you have to pull off my ring [which serves as the cap]. … I figured if people like you, they want to buy into every bit of you and who you are." So if you want to smell like Usher, the collections start at $300 for the full packages. They will be available at all Macy stores this fall.

Ghostface Headlines Adult Swim Tour

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Fresh off the massive Rock the Bells Tour with his Wu-Tang co-horts, Ghostface Killah is gearing up to get back on the road. The rapper will be headlining Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Tour which will hit the nation’s colleges and universities. The tour begins on October 1 at State University of New York in Albany, NY and will run until October 19, ending at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM. Joining Ghost on the tour is Witchdoctor, who’s worked extensively with Dungeon Family cats Outkast, Goodie Mob and Organized Noize. Withdoctor released his debut album, “A.S.W.A.T. Healin’ Ritual,” back in 1998 with the hit “Holiday.” Here’s the current itinerary of the tour: 10/01/07: State University of New York, Albany, N.Y. 10/03/07: University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H. 10/05/07: Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J. 10/06/07: Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va. 10/07/07: University of Maryland, College Park, Md. 10/09/07: American University, Washington, DC 10/10/07: Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Ga. 10/11/07: University of Central Florida, Orlando, Fla. 10/14/07: University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. 10/16/07: UCLA, Los Angeles, Calif. 10/17/07: Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz. 10/19/07: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M.

Band of Brothers

By: Serge Fleury When you’re associated with something for a long period of time, (a musical group for instance) its only human nature for members of the band to grow tired and weary of each other. We see it happen all the time. Regardless what they might say in front of the cameras, ultimately a few of them usually have different agendas. It doesn’t matter if its Rock & Roll, Country Music, or even Hip-Hop; after a while, tensions flare. And before you know it, your favorite group is headlined on every front cover magazine as going "splits-ville." Especially in Hip-Hop, we’ve all seen it before. The legendary group EPMD has gone through their own trials and tribulations; so has The Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, and most recently the North Carolina trio of Little Brother. Even Atlanta‘s own Outkast has been rumored to be headed toward a divorce. Lets face it folks, break-ups are just a way of life……..Or are they? From 1995-to the present day, there’s actually one group that’s just as tight as when they first started. No bickering over the lime light, no complaining they their bars got cut from 16 to 8, and attitudes because they were reassigned to do a hook instead of having a solo. When attendance is called, the names of Buckshot, Top Dog, Louieville (Sluggah), Tek-N-Steele, Starang Wondah, Sean Price (Ruck), and Rock are always front and center. If you’ve been living in outer space for the last twelve years, and are unfamiliar with these people from Hip-Hop standpoint; you may simply refer to them as The Boot Camp Clik. The group that gave us such classics as "Who Got Da Props", "Bucktown", and "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka" are back to let the Hip-Hop community know that "ain’t a damn thing changed." In fact, their only getting stronger as the years go by. With the signing of Boston‘s own ED O.G. and his collective known as The Special Teamz, along with KRS-One, and Amanda Diva; Duck Down is more likely to be looking up these days. Buckshot had a chance so sit down with and talk about the future holds for the whole entire platoon, and what projects we can expect from all of the soldiers. So did "The Last Stand" album perform like you guys wanted it to? Buckshot: Well at the end of the day, it did what it did. But we can look at it like this; if we didn’t have that album out, then right now we wouldn’t be having this conversation. So that in itself, so should count way more than how many units it sold. You have to look at it like this; we are a self contained fully operated unit. Meaning everybody plays their part, in a little something. We’re not a company that’s ran by 20,000 people, or 20,000 representatives everyday. We’re still grinding, and the street team is always working. So that’s why we’re still seeing something, as opposed to seeing nothing. Because a lot of rappers at a lot of labels, don’t have anything cracking. How have you all managed to maintain your chemistry throughout the years? Buckshot: I can only contribute that to the creator. We don’t sit around and have meetings about staying together. [laughing] I think the essence of it is; the fact that we’re more than just a record label. Because we’re really cool, and we’re really tight with each other. We do share a bond with each other physically. If ever they needed help, I would never be like; "oh that’s just a record company dude, and I can’t help him out right now." That’s what other people do, and that’s what separates Boot Camp/Duck Down from a lot of other operations. But being that we’re talking about [our] operation; that’s how we run it. Because we’re a family. We got Jewish people, black people, Haitians, Chinese, and Filipinos. Everybody is running with Duck Down. So what made you decide to come out with "Casualties Of War", as an album filled with unreleased material? Buckshot: Well you can’t put all songs on every album. There were songs that were casualties, and that we had sacrifice. Just because it couldn’t make on a certain album; we still had a place for it to come out. What’s crazy is that we treaded in one direction, and headed in another. So its another Boot Camp album, its not a compilation. You may think of it as a compilation, because you haven’t heard of it; and "The Last Stand" came out a minute ago. So this is just a continuation of "The Last Stand." So how did The Boot Camp Clik and The Justus League come together? Buckshot: It was all through DJ Evil Dee. First, Evil Dee put me and Dru Ha onto 9th Wonder; and then Dru was communicating with 9th. Then Dru put me on, and he was like; "yo, you got to hook up with 9th." Then we all took a trip out to North Carolina one day, and that’s how it all happened. It was the whole entire Duck Down family; and we went down there to hook up with 9th and The Justus League. Boot Camp and The Justus actually ended up doing a lot of stuff that week, because we was all there. After the success you had with "Chemistry" between you and 9th Wonder; what can we expect from "The Formula"? Buckshot: Well I am the "The Formula", that’s why I called it that. Because we’re working on something great. So being that the first album was called "Chemistry", we’re just going to show [them] that we still work great together. I didn’t just go in and start rapping and freestyling on "The Formula." I went in there and made good songs, that talk about sh*t. Do you have any when another Heltah Skeltah album is coming out? Buckshot: Their album is called "D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team)", and that will be out as soon as they finish that sh*t. They’re not even finished with it yet. Oh, so its in the works, but just not completed? Buckshot: Nah, but when its done, it’ll be out. They have fun doing what they do. Even though Sean Price is rocking on the solo side, but that’s how they started. They formed together through me, a lot of people don’t know that. Steele is coming out with a mixtape. Does that mean he also has solo project in the works too? Buckshot: Well yeah he’s, coming out with some work too. A lot of people don’t know this; but Steele started this whole movement, truthfully, before any of us. Steele was the first person out of all of us with a record deal. Oh really? He was? Buckshot: Yes sir. I used to follow Steele. He was the one who came up with the name Boot Camp, and all of us played our parts. Then we created Duck Down and Bucktown. Me and Dru sat in his Subaru on Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn, and came up with the names. For over ten years, everyone has become familiar with the faces of The Boot Camp Clik. So what made you decide to sign new talent now? Buckshot: We had plenty of opportunities to sign people. We were going to sign Eminem years ago. We had plenty opportunities, but the timing just wasn’t right. We could have picked up soldiers along the way, but it just wasn’t time. But now Duck Down is a real solidified label. So now I go hard at being the producer over at Duck Down, and Dru can go hard at being the executive producer. Back then, we couldn’t do it the way we can do it now. Like now, I got full focus on producing. I’m a Quincy Jones-type of producer; meaning I just don’t only make beats. Like if I hear a song, and it got good lyrics but not the beat, I’m going to go in and say; "lets change the beat." I have a different style when it comes to producing. Producing just ain’t beat making. How do you think the whole Duck Down brand has maintained its relevance throughout the years? Buckshot: Well at this point in [our] careers, we done been there, and we done that. But the bottom line is; we’re MC’s that’s solidified in the game. Whether the young generation knows us; because we got to keep putting out music, or not. But that’s not easy for any rapper, actor, actress, product, or company. That’s not easy for Coca-Cola, that’s why they keep changing their bottle every f**ckin’ month. But the bottom line is that we’re in; and there’s a lot of people that aren’t even in. And people have to remember that. What was the problem with your previous distributor? What made you all strike a deal with Koch Records? Buckshot: Well Koch bought out Navarre Corporation, and we was with them. Its like; if I’m living in a crib, and somebody buys it out, I still have a contract with the crib. So they have to keep me too, and that’s what happened. Koch ain’t a bad place, know what I’m saying. It ain’t a bad place, but it ain’t a great place. There’s no distribution that’s great. What makes you think that? Buckshot: Because everybody can do a better job, that’s why. We all can do better jobs. Everybody can go harder at whatever they do. But then there are some people that don’t have an opportunity to be on Koch. But we’re not on Koch, we’re through Koch. We have a distribution deal with them. We’re on the 8th floor, and they’re on the 6th floor. Was there ever a time when members of The Boot Camp Clik wanted to pursue other endeavors? Like try the major label circuit? Buckshot: Rock went over to Interscope, and Tek-N-Steele was on Rawkus. People forget those things, because they never made an impact over there. They only made an impact when they came back to Duck Down. Because we know how to work our soldiers; we know how to make it do what it do. And that’s why we signed KRS-One, Amanda Diva, and whole lot of other artists, because we’re ready to step our game up. If you open up a XXL Magazine, you’re going to see us in there. There’s a lot of groups that ain’t never going to get into XXL; period. And if you’re not in XXL, or anyone of the top magazines, then you’re hustling backwards. Do you worry about capturing younger audiences? Buckshot: I’m not targeting them, but if I obtain them; then that’s great. I wasn’t around for the James Brown era, but when I hear him, I know its good sh*t; so I’m turned onto him in this era. The same with the Chi-Lites. We got the two markets; the seen and the unseen. The unseen markets are the ones that come to your shows, and they’re active. The seen market is active too, they’re just on a visual level. Do you know when we’ll hear another O.G.C. album? Buckshot: I don’t know, but you’ll hear all of them on Boot Camp. Like Top Dog, he went in on the Casualty album! I love him on that album! Starang did his thing too, and so did Louieville. But as a group, I don’t know. I really can’t call it.

50 and Lil Kim hit with Magic Stick, Diddy Got His Ass Whooped

50 and Lil Kim Hit with Magic Stick Turns out the dude who produced Magic Stick for Lil Kim, the joint off her La Bella Mafia album which featured Curtis is screaming about not getting his royalties. And rightly so..people gotta get paid for the work they do. Reps for Curtis are saying that clearing a sample in the joint has been the problem for homeboy not getting his royalties..finding that hard to believe as that joint sold over 2 mill ..I doubt the royalties off that equated to clearing a sample…the way of the game today..GET YOUR MONEY RIGHT people. Diddy Got His Ass Whooped Not sure if this is a rumor or if it is indeed factual, but word is that Sean Combs got his ass kicked in his NYC offices by Elephant Man and his crew the other day after the Jamaican performer turned up at the offices unannounced to get some money he is supposed to be owed. No security was holding Elephant Man back either from beating down his CEO…poor Diddy..and no Kim to kiss his boo-boos better either.

DMC Creates Awards to Highlight Positive Hip-Hop

By: Rizoh Hip-hop has been catching plenty of flack since Imus-gate. DMC (Darryl McDaniels) of Run-DMC hopes to reverse that trend by launching an award show that will challenge hip-hop’s negative side. The J.A.M. (Justice, Arts, and Music) Awards, created in honor of Run-DMC’s late DJ Jam Master J, will recognize artists who’ve made positive contributions to the genre. “We’re putting the focus back on the positive creative influence of the culture,” said DMC. Artists billed to perform include: Snoop Dogg, De La Soul, Marley Marl, Mobb Deep, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Papoose, Raekwon, Q-Tip, and Everlast. DMC told BBC News that the decision to include Snoop Dogg, who’s known for his violence-themed lyrics, did not take away from the message. “It’s OK to make a record about a gun,” said DMC, “but if you make a record about a gun, you gotta make a record about not using a gun,” he said. “It’s not about censorship. You can rap and talk about whatever you want. This is about responsibility.” The 2007 J.A.M. Awards will take place on November 29th at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Tickets will be available via on October 4.

Jamie Foxx Walks on a Star

Next time Jamie Foxx refers to himself as a star he probably means it in literary terms. The Academy Award-winning actor was immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame over the weekend. Foxx told reporters that getting a star on Hollywood Boulevard was “one of the most amazing days,” as he dedicated the honor to his grandmother who raised him. The 39-year-old actor/singer won the coveted Oscar for Best Actor in 2005 for playing Ray Charles. His next film, The Kingdom, will be released in two weeks. The JAM Awards will recognise rap artists who have made positive contributions in the fields of social justice, the arts and music.

Is Beyonce Really The Hottest Chick In The Game? , Is That Wendy?

Is Beyonce Really The Hottest Chick In The Game Ok so we voted no Ciara would never outshine B..but would J Lo, if she could sing, be fierce competition for Beyonce. Jennys new album is dropping on October 8th…yay I just can’t wait. Wendy Williams Looking at this pic maybe Ru Paul might be a better stand in as Wendy Williams in her biopic story that she is allegedly directing and producing…Wendy got mad love for you girl but that right there is not a good look.

Q-Tip To Join Common on The Road, New Album Due

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Hip-Hop vet and legend Q-Tip will be joining Common on tour this fall as part of the 2K Sports Bounce Tour. He’ll join Com on September 22 in Milwaukee and roll all the way through to October 14, ending his stint in Los Angeles. Tip is featured on the soundtrack to the video game NBA 2K8 alongside Talib Kweli and J Dilla and will also be promoting his upcoming album, The Renaissance, due out in early 2008 on Universal Motown. The first single, “Work It Out” has been floating around for the last month or so. In addition, Tip and his crew A Tribe Called Quest will be honored at this year’s VH1 Hip-Hop Honors on October 8 on VH1. Here’s the itinerary for Q-Tip’s tour: 9/22 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave 9/24 – Toronto, ON – Kool Haus 9/25 – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory 9/27 – Charlotte, NC – Amos’ Southend 9/28 – Greensboro, NC – N Club 9/29 – Myrtle Beach, SC – House of Blues 9/30 – Orlando, FL – House of Blues 10/1 – Atlanta, GA – Earthlink Live 10/3 – Baltimore, MD – Sonar 10/5 – Washington DC – Love 10/6 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium 10/7 – NYC – Nokia Theatre 10/8 – Norfolk, VA – Norva 10/10 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent 10/14 – LA, CA – The Roxy

T.I. Scores 9 Nominations for BET Hip-Hop Awards

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Yes, it’s about that time for another award show. BET has announced the nominees for it’s upcoming Hip-Hop Awards and T.I. came out on top with a whopping nine nominations including Lyricist of the Year, Best Live Performance and MVP of the year. Other multiple nominees include Lil Wayne with seven, Kanye West with six, Common with five, Jay-Z with four and Luda and 50 got three nominations each. The show will air on October 17 from Atlanta and be hosted by Katt Williams once again. KRS-One will be honored with the “I Am Hip-Hop Award” for his politically conscious and positive contribution to hip-hop. Nelly, Lil Wayne, Common and Kanye West are expected to perform at the show. Here is the full list of nominees: BEST HIP-HOP VIDEO 50 Cent I Get Money Chamillioinaire f/ Slick Rick Hip Hop Police Common The People Ludacris f/ Mary J. Blige Runaway Love UGK f/ Outkast International Players Anthem Kanye West Stronger BEST COLLABO Birdman & Lil' Wayne Stuntin' Like My Daddy Diddy f/ Keyshia Cole Last Night DJ Khaled f/ Akon, T.I., We Takin' Over Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and Lil' Wayne Fabolous f/ Ne-Yo Make Me Better UGK f/ Outkast International Players Anthem BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE Common Lil' Wayne T.I. Ludacris Kanye West BEST MOVIE Gridiron Gang Idlewild Shottas Smokin' Aces Stomp the Yard BEST DANCE 2 Step Aunt Jackie Chicken Noodle Soup Crank Dat Soulja Boy Pop, Lock, & Drop It LYRICIST OF THE YEAR Common Lil' Wayne Jay-Z T.I. Kanye West VIDEO DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR Bryan Barber Benny Boom F. Gary Gray Chris Robinson Hype Williams PRODUCER OF THE YEAR Mannie Fresh Polow Da Don Swizz Beatz Timbaland Kanye West MVP Common Lil' Wayne Jay-Z T.I. Kanye West TRACK OF THE YEAR A Bay Bay (Hurricane Chris) Hurricane Chris (produced by Phunk Dawg) Big Things Poppin' (Do It) T.I. (produced by Mannie Fresh) Can't Tell Me Nothing (Kanye West) Kanye West (produced by Kanye West and DJ Toomp) I Get Money (50 Cent) (produced by Apex) Party Like A Rockstar (Shop Boyz) Shop Boyz (produced by Pit) CD OF THE YEAR Common Finding Forever Jay-Z Kingdom Come Ludacris Release Therapy Nas Hip Hop Is Dead T.I. T.I. vs. T.I.P. ROOKIE OF THE YEAR Hurricane Chris Lil Boosie MIMS Plies Rich Boy DJ OF THE YEAR DJ Drama DJ Enuff DJ Irie DJ Khaled Tony Neal HUSTLER OF THE YEAR 50 Cent Diddy Lil' Wayne T.I. Jay-Z BEST UK HIP HOP ACT Dizzie Rascal JME Kano Klashnekoff Lethal B Wiley BEST RINGTONE Crime Mob f/ Lil Scrappy Rock Yo Hips Hurricane Chris A Bay Bay MIMS This Is Why I'm Hot Rich Boy f/ Polow Da Don Throw Some Ds T.I. Big Things Poppin' (Do It) THE ALLTEL PEOPLE'S CHAMP (VIEWER'S CHOICE) Birdman & Lil' Wayne Stuntin' Like My Daddy DJ Khaled f/ Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, We Takin' Over Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne Lil Boosie f/ Foxx and Webbie Wipe Me Down MIMS This Is Why I'm Hot

Will Kanye Be Here When the Numbers Come In?

By: Hot Gossip Gal This is the bathroom of Kanye’s new pad in LA. I am sure he is hoping to avoid putting his head down that toilet when the numbers come in next week on first week sales. Although after the MTV performance this week I am sure he spent time looking in the mirror to make sure his tears had dried. His crib is pretty fly denying that


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