Iron Solomon Defeats Jin in Fight Klub Battle

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Jin’s claim to fame was destroying emcee after emcee on BET’s 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday. He parlayed that success into a record deal with Ruff Ryders which really didn’t do much for him. Ever since them his recording career has been up and down but his freestyle skills always stayed intact – until Monday night. For the new season of MTV2’s Fight Klub, Jin was pitted against relative newcomer Iron Solomon. But if Jin would have done his research (like surfing the web), he would have known that Iron Solomon has been a beast on the freestyle circuit and destroying emcees in his path. After three rounds of freestyles, Iron Solomon destroyed Jin according to judges Joell Ortiz, Sean Price and producer Bang Out. Hot 97’s Miss Info has the uncensored audio recording of the battle at her blog CLICK HERE TO LISTEN, so you can check it out months before the new season starts.

Jin Returns to Fight Klub

By: Hot Gossip Gal When is this dude going to just throw in the towel literally. You retired homie why try and make this come back when no-one really cares. You had your moment to shine, you pulled some wack ass publicity stunt retiring and then have continued to make a fool of yourself by trying to make a come back. Anyhow he got his ass kicked again at Fight Klub on Monday by Iron Soloman, the current King of NY. Looks like this little commercial was a waste of camera time. Soon as footage becomes available we got y’all.

Akon Signs Red Café to Konvict Muzik

By: Rizoh When he’s not busy humping underage girls onstage or tossing skinny fans into the crowd, Akon likes to get his CEO on by signing new artists to his Konvict Muzik imprint. The latest addition to the Konvict family is fledgling New York rapper Red Cafe. Café has had dipped in and out of labels like Loud and Capitol, but seems to have found a home with Konvict Muzik. His first album, The Shakedown is tentatively slated for a 4th quarter release, with appearances from Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, Akon, and Remy Ma.

All About the Assets

By: Hot Gossip Gal When did Kim Kardashian get an ass like this? I suppose you can pay for anything nowadays and from what I heard, Ludacris has been boasting about the size of his manhood in Playboy saying "If you’re proud of yourself, you’ve broken out a ruler and measured yourself. All I can say is I’m extremely proud of myself." He went on to say "It’s something I have been told by many women. I’m exceptional." Way to go Luda..toot that horn baby.

50 Cent Talks Retirement

By: Rizoh Now that 50 Cent has gotten rich over and over, it seems his next move is to stop tryin’. Curtis hinted at semi-retirement in a recent MTV interview. The Queens rapper says he’ll give us all a break from candy-coated raps, after the release of his next two albums—Curtis (September 4) and Before I Self Destruct (February 4). Apparently, 50 has learned a thing or two from mentors Eminem and Dr. Dre. “Em ain’t put out an album in five years,” said 50. “It builds anticipation because he’s away. And he really doesn’t enjoy what comes with the success. He likes to just be away a lot more, just be shy toward people. And then the less common you appear, the bigger your celebrity. So then he isolates himself, [and] he becomes more popular. People are more excited.” Before I Self Destruct, which will be released around the 5th the anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin’, will be 50’s final studio recording for his contract with Shady/Aftermath. A fifth album in the form of a Greatest Hits CD will conclude his overall contract. Looks like Fiddy is eager to break free from Aftermath.

Pastor Brings Hip-Hop to Church

By: Rizoh A Chicago pastor named Phil Jackson (not that Phil Jackson) may have found an effective—albeit controversial—method of connecting teens to biblical teachings: a hip-hop church. Sounds like a crazy idea to many, but to Pastor Jackson “it’s respectful, it’s relevant and it’s real.” Jackson, a 43-year old associate pastor at Lawndale Community Church and author of the The Hip-Hop Church, says: “We don’t believe in Christian music, we believe in Christian lyrics.” The minister told the Medill Reports that his own personal battles with the temptations of street life at an early age made him eager to create a comfortable environment for teens to learn the Word of God. Preach!

TI and His Alter Ego

By: Hot Gossip Gal After his listening party in NY last week it is sounding like TI might not have the classic everyone seems to be hoping for. On a side note turns out his security have a tendency to attempt to charm the ladies promising them a few mins with the rapper. Damn I thought that line went out with nineties. Anyhow here he is battling with his alter ego in a promo commercial for his up and coming release.


This Wednesday, June, 6, multi-platinum hip-hop recording star The Game will release six new tracks EXCLUSIVELY on The new songs from The Game and his label Black Wall Street include "Around the Way," "Murda," "My Bitch," "Beautiful Life," "Still Me," and "Won’t Stop." These songs will be accompanied by songs from Riz and Nu Jerzey Devil from the label Livelihood Entertainment. The Game’s music is the most recent in a string of content releases on Amie Street including Nettwerk Music Group’s catalogue and the Barenaked Ladies. The Game partnering up with AmieStreet, where his songs will start free and be without DRM, marks a turn in digital distribution for artists big and small. Launched on July 4th 2006, Amie Street is the first online music store where the community determines the price of songs and members are rewarded for their music recommendations. Amie Street helps increase exposure and revenue for artists through an innovative, demand-driven pricing model, where all songs start free and go up in price the more they’re purchased. The Game released his first album, Untold Story, on an indie label in October 2004 to much critical and retail success. His career grew as he worked closely with other recording artists including Dr. Dre who helped him to collaborate with Interscope recording artists and others. His major label debut, The Documentary, came out in 2005 at number 1 on the Billboard charts and went on to garner The Game two Grammy nominations for the single, "Hate it or Love it." His sophomore album, Doctor’s Advocate, was released in 2006 on Geffen Records and sold almost 400,000 albums its first week. CLICK HERE TO DOWLOAD

DMX Takes Greatest Hits OnThe Road

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno It’s been close to 10 years since DMX made his debut and he’s still trying to go strong. Even though he is not experiencing the same love and success he got early in his career, he’s hitting the road for his hardcore, die-hard fans. He’ll be touring in support of the greatest hits album, The Definition of X: Pick of the Litter, which drops on June12. The tour launches on June 15 at New York’s BB King’s and will run until July 22 ending in Allentown, Pennsylvania at the Crocodile Rock Café. Check the track listing to the album and the tour dates below: Prayer II 2. Ruff Ryders Anthem 3. Get At Me Dog 4. Stop Being Greedy 5. How’s It Going Down 6. What These Bitches Want 7. Black Out 8. What’s My Name 9. Where The Hood At 10. Party Up 11. X Gonna Give It To U 12. It’s All Good 13. Who We Be 14. The Rain 15. Here We Go Again 16. No Love For Me 17. We Right Here 18. 1 More Road To Cross 19. Slippin’ 20. Prayer I 06/15/07 New York, NY B.B. King’s Blues Club 06/17/07 Philadelphia, PA Xando’s 06/20/07 Traverse City, MI Streeter’s 06/21/07 Fort Wayne, IN Piere’s 06/22/07 Rockford, IL Elixur 06/23/07 Libertyville, IL Austin‘s 06/24/07 Maplewood, MN The Rock Nightclub 06/27/07 Columbia, MO Blue Note 06/28/07 Lawrence, KS Granada Theatre 06/29/07 Tulsa, OK The Hive 06/30/07 Denver, CO Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom 07/05/07 Odessa, TX Dos Amigos 07/14/07 Saint Petersburg, FL State Theatre 07/17/07 Hilton Head Island, SC Monkey Business 07/18/07 Charlotte, NC Amos’ Southend 07/19/07 Winston-Salem, NC Ziggy’s 07/22/07 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock Cafe

Eve wants You to Dance For a Free TV

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Even though it’s a bit weird that Eve is trying to start another dance craze with her “Tambourine” joint, the video is moving into regular rotation. Now she’s asking all her fans to make their own video to her song. “Basically what I want you to do is tape yourself shaking your tambourine,” Eve said in a video message. “I’m going to look at all the videos and pick the best video and whoever wins gets something special.” That ‘something special’, is a 58” Flat Panel Plasma HDTV. There will also be five runners-up but prizes have yet to be determined. You have until July 15 to submit your video to the contest website EVE CONTEST and all the videos will be judged on creativity, originality and video production value. Enjoy!

Paris First Night in Prison Said to Be Just Fine

By: Hot Gossip Gal This story is killing me…home girl is in solitary confinement for her 23 days in LA County jail. I mean wtf..she messed up, let her really learn her lesson…we all know if it was homegirl off the block there would be no special treatment. But anyhow Paris has got to be thinking long and hard about what she has to do with her life as she just got dropped from her label before starting her brief sabbatical. Oh the life of a socialite

Akon Throws A Kid Off Stage

By: Rizoh After all the hullabaloo over Akon’s simulated sex act with an underaged female fan, he had the Internet going nuts again when a clip of his K-Fest performance surfaced on the web. In the video, the Senegalese-American singer is seen addressing the crowd about his first trip to the United States, when a fan suddenly throws an object (rumored to be a piece of pretzel) onstage. Akon paused his speech and asked the crowd to point out the assailant. "Come on everybody. point him out, point him out," he said. After identifying the boy, Akon instructed one of his bodyguards to "go get ‘em. Bring him on stage." Akon then picked up the fan who allegedly threw an object onto the stage and hurled him right back into another section of the crowd. Two police officers who were standing nearby didn’t try to intervene. CLICK HERE TO VIEW , CLICK HERE TO VIEW FROM A DIFFERENT ANGLE

The Game Needs to Chill

By: Hot Gossip Gal Ok father of two, The Game needs to chill a little. Turns out the reason home boy got arrested the other week was because while playing a game of ball, he got mad at a player on the opposite team and smacked him. Then he pulled up on the dude and threatened him with a gun. Way to go Game..great way to bring more negativity to Hip-Hop.

Talib Kweli: Aiming For Your Ear Drum

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno After close to 10 years and six albums in the game, Talib Kweli is pretty much considered a veteran. He’s been a consistent solo artist, even though his best work ever was with Mos Def and Hi-Tek, Kweli has proven many times over that he can make classic joints as well. Now Talib is returning with a new album, :Eardrum, this summer that features apperances from UGK, Jean Grae, Norah Jones, Raheem DeVaughn and KRS-One with production from Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Madlib, Kwame, Hi-Tek, Kanye West and Will.I.Am. We caught up with Talib to get info on what to expect from the project, his Blacksmith Movement and if there will ever be a Reflection Eternal or Blackstar album again. Why is the album named Ear Drum? I want to get back to the sound of what I’m doing. A lot of times with the hip-hop music I do, the distraction is what I’m talking about, whether it’s underground or commercial or this and that and I really wanted people to focus on how the music hits their ear. I don’t think people focus on that enough so I wanted to make sure I concentrated on that and how I put it out there. Lyrically was there something specific you felt you needed to get off your chest this time around? Lyrically, I deal with the same themes but I always struggle to apply them to life and have be more than just something you need to hear. I talk about women, the condition of Black women in this country. I talk about self-esteem and love and I talk about the differences of North and South. I just try to talk about today’s topics but put them in way that people are thinking but aren’t necessarily hearing. How do you go about choosing beats? From beats CDs or in-studio with a producer? Both. I solicit people and I have people send stuff in. I’ve never done an album where I’m just trying to use this producer or trying to do this one type of music besides Reflection Eternal and Liberation, on my own albums. The sound I was interested in was rounded out by Pete Rock and Hi-Tek and Madlib and Kanye and Just Blaze, those are the chief producers on the album. There’s a song on the new album where you sort of respond to fans and critics suggestions and criticisms. Do you embrace the criticisms and suggestions or pay it no mind? Yeah, that’s Pete Rock’s song. But I try to take it and use it as fuel. Any criticism, positive or negative should fuel for the next time out. That’s really what that verse was about. I talked about positive and negative criticisms and turning them around and using them as a fuel to my fire. There was a bit of confusion among your Christian and Muslim fans when you recited “Hell” on Def Poetry Jam not too long ago… Oh yeah? Really? Well, most of them are wondering where you’re at spiritually. That’s great! That’s perfect. That’s great that they would hear the poem and wonder where I’m at. That means I did my job. So what inspired the poem? Basically what people are talking about, what people are fighting about and what people are dealing with inside of themselves. Like I said, I try to deal with subjects that people are really thinking about. That’s a question that I’ve had in my life and I’m sure many people have had, which is what are the differences and what are the similarities between the religions and what has led us to think the way we think. Is there a particular faith that you practice or grew up with? Nah. I pretty much say consistently in my music that I don’t participate in any body of religion. I’ve been Christian and I’ve been Muslim, well, I can’t say I’ve been Muslim, I’ve been a 5 Percenter. But I participate in a lot of different faiths and ideas and I have respect for a vast majority of them, all of them I would even say. I think the key for me and my generation is to figure out the good and take from each way of life and apply to our lives. The Christian church has been a beacon of hope for my community in particular the Black community but I would never just wholeheartedly dismiss the church. The way I live my life is closer to Islam than any other religion as far as the way I see things, but I don’t associate myself with Islam either. So I just try to make work that expresses all of these. The Liberation project with Madlib was classic, any plans for a sequel? Hopefully. I mean, Madlib is an exciting producer to work with. He has three beats on Ear Drum and yeah, I’m sure there will be another part. Because of that project, now folks would like to hear you over nothing but 9th Wonder or Just Blaze or Dan the Automater beats. Would consider a similar project with a different producer? Wow! I just did the Madlib joint, can I get a break?! But yeah a 9th Wonder situation would be easy to do, I would be able to do that in the same fashion I did the Madlib one. The thing is, the Madlib one was demo’d up, I just had too many Madlib beats that I didn’t know what to do with. That’s how it started, I had 400 Madlib beats and I was like, ‘I like all these beats, but I can’t do a whole with Madlib, but then, maybe I can.’ What is the Blacksmith Movement? I just wanted people to have a flag to wave. What I find missing from the type of hip-hop that I do as opposed to the more street oriented hip-hop, is an actual movement. The artists that I work with, everyone is a visionary. Everyone is so good at their craft, that no one is piggy-backing on each other. And a lot of times in the street-oriented hip-hop, you have one artist that’s good and the rest of the artists piggy back. So what happens is when the rest of the artists are piggy-backing they are creating a movement that people want to be down with, sort of a family. I’ve been a part of families whether it’s Okayplayer or Spitkicker or whatever, but those things have been more fan driven. So with Blacksmith I wanted to create something for those fans, so they can wear that t-shirt and wave that flag and realize that there’s something they can be proud of. Rawkus came close to it, the artists were real visionaries, but they were unable to keep it going. Even to this day, you have people who still think I’m on Rawkus because of the movement that was created. So that’s what I would like to do. So who’s down with Blacksmith? Me, Jean Grae and Strong Arm Steady are the first artists. We already started with the Blacksmith The Movement Mixtape and that did well for us. But yeah, we’re going to do as much as we can. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask about Reflection Eternal or Blackstar projects. Hopefully it’ll happen. As people get busy, the projects are harder to do. I have recordings with Mos Def that no one has heard and I recorded with Hi-Tek more than I’ve recorded with Mos Def. There are a lot of songs with me on it on the last Hi-Tek album, so you never know. Hopefully it’ll happen soon.

Wendy Goes at Melyssa Ford

By: Hot Gossip Gal There is no greater wrath than that of Wendy Williams. The chick just does not care..if your wife is sick, you just got released from hospital, she goes for the jugular and that is exactly what she did with wanna be actress Melyssa Ford. Apparently the video vixen said she didn’t want to be typecast as a "slut", sorry the mistress of Wendy’s husband, in the self directed movie about the shock jocks life. Hear what Wendy had to say right HERE.


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