Brandy Facing 3rd Lawsuit for Woman’s Death

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno The aftermath of Brandy’s December 30 car accident that killed 38-year-old Awatef Aboudihaj is continuing to mount. She is already facing a lawsuit from the victim’s parents for a cool $50 million while a lawsuit on behalf of Aboudihaj’s two children, 14 and 10, was filed in February. Now the victim’s husband, Maroune Hdidou, has filed a lawsuit against Brandy, and another driver in the accident, accusing them of wrongful death and vehicular negligence that calls for unspecified damages from the defendants, including medical and funeral expenses, legal fees and a host of other punitive damages. The California Highway Patrol recommended to prosecutors that Brandy be charged with misdemeanor manslaughter for her part in the multi-car accident which carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Charges have yet to be filed.

Eve Officially Charged With DUI

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno After the embarrassment of getting arrested on camera and having Sean Penn trying to bail you out, Eve will be returning to court to face Driving under the Influence charges. Eve was arrested on April 26 after she ran into concrete center median on Hollywood Blvd. Officers gave her a breathalyzer test that showed Eve with a blood alcohol-level of .08 or above according to the city attorney’s office. Even will be arraigned on the DUI charges on May 17 faces a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. The city attorney’s office told Billboard that a minimum sentence would be three years probation, a fine of $390, and a required alcohol education class.

Paris Sentenced to 45 Days In Jail

By: Hot Gossip Gal Oh my oh is the hotel heiress going to deal with that? She starts her sentence on June 5th and if she fails to show up she will have her sentence doubled. Hmm no comparison is there…a Hilton Hotel or a Cali all female detention center…a reality check coming right up The most unknown music industry wife Through all the controversy over the age limit her husband is supposed to desire when playing away from wife who really keeps out of the spotlight is Andrea Kelly, the wife of R Kelly and the mother of his children. She gives up her side of all the controversy in Essence this month and still to this days says that is not her man in the video that was the creme de la creme of internet porn back in 2002. Wow that is loyalty for you. Lil Kim going back to her roots? Turns out Lil Kim is taking a walk back down memory lane with Sean Combs as it has been reported by a couple of sources that the Queen B is looking to sign with Diddy and is working away in the studio with him. I mean maybe she is doing it to repay him for the party he threw her last year when she got outta jail..but seriously signing with Diddy ain’t right when he is still trying to be a rapper himself.

The Trap Episode #6

The Trap: Straight From The Streets Every Friday "WHO KILLED HIP-HOP?" This week features: DJ Red Alert, Method Man, Talib Kweli, & WC Click Here to check it out!!!

Busta Blames DUI Bust On Hennessy

By: Rizoh As you may have heard by now, Busta added another bust to his rap sheet yesterday and was later released on a $7500 bail. According to TMZ, he told officers that it was “a shot of Hennessy” that landed him the DUI arrest early Thursday morning in New York. Busta was initially pulled over for having his windows too tinted. After cops smelled alcohol on his breath and noticed his “watery and bloodshot eyes,” according to the arrest report, he was given the dreaded field sobriety test. Predictably, he failed the test. But he also blew a 0.067, below the legal threshold of 0.08. and was consequently slapped with one count of operating a motor vehicle while under intoxication, and one count of operating a motor vehicle while impaired. He’s due back in court for his arraignment next Tuesday. Busta will also face trial on two assault charges after a judge withdrew a plea offer Monday that would have let the MC remain free. Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Tanya Kennedy withdrew the offer that included probation, community service and a series of lectures to troubled youth.

Ludacris Backs 9-Year Old Hip-Hop Producer

By: Rizoh While most nine-year olds still need help organizing their toys, aspiring hip-hop entrepreneur Big Korey wants to launch a label before he hits puberty. Nine-year-old Korey hopes to be the subject of a reality TV show that will track his journey to sign new talent and develop his own music. The project’s producers, who include Disturbing Tha Peace CEO/rapper Ludacris, will begin pitching broadcast and cable networks within the next few weeks. Luda described Korey as “amazing,” adding, “He’s someone that I will definitely be working with in the future.” Big Korey has already worked with hip-hop icons Jermaine Dupri, Dallas Austin and Jazze Pha.

Fifty Sells Up

By: Hot Gossip Gal Obviously Curtis is bored of the country and is moving out west now as he put his crib on the market. The house once owned by boxer Mike Tyson is supposed to be selling for somewhere around 8 mill. I would just make sure to get those pools and hot tubs disinfected as i heard some nastiness has gone on in those over the years.

Lauryn Hill Returning to the Stage

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno For several years Lauryn Hill has been a reclusive artist hanging out at home with her children; coming out every now and then to prove that she’s still alive. The last time we saw her was when she launched a MySpace page and made a couple of blog posts in 2006 and before that she recorded a new Fugees song, “Take It Easy,” for Verizon in 2005. In 2004 she reunited with the Fugees for Dave Chappelle’s Block Party and in 2002 she dropped her unplugged album. So for her yearly appearance she is set to play three shows in the United Kingdom in July. On July 8, 9 and 10 she will play the Hammersmith Carling Apollo in London, the Carling Academy in Birmingham and the Carling Apollo in Manchester. She also recently spit a verse on Joss Stone’s album for the track, “Music.” Apparently Hill is currently working on a new album called “Khulami Phase,” but there’s no word on when it will drop.

Kweli Finally Sets Release Date for ‘Eardrum’

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Even though fans are being held over with “Liberation”, the free album that Talib Kweli and Madlib gave away in January, fans are still clamoring for Talib’s official release. Well, it looks like “Eardrum,” Talib’s new album is officially set to drop on July 24. In a statement Kweli says the album’s title comes from "the image of the ear and of the drum, which are powerful enough by themselves, but put them together and it’s an instrument in your body that helps you hear. They’re also two very simple, yet powerful words. I wanted to focus on finding a sound that makes you move, and that’s where the word ‘eardrum’ popped in my head. We need to challenge our audience, but we also need to challenge ourselves to know that whatever our new experiences are, we can write about them, be creative, and bring that to an audience without them feeling alienated." The album features appearances from UGK, Jean Grae, Norah Jones, Raheem DeVaughn and KRS-One with production from Madlib, Kwame, Hi-Tek, Kanye West and Will.I.Am. Talib is currently headlining the Virgin College Mega tour that has already L.A., San Diego, the University of Arizona and University of West Virginia. The tour ends today at the University of Rochester in New York. Here’s the official tracklist for ‘Eardrum’: "Everything Man" "NY Weather Report" "Hostile Gospel" "Say Something" "Country Cousins" "Holy Moly" "Eat to Live" "In the Mood" "Soon the New Day" "Electrify" "Hell" "More or Less" "The Perfect Beat" "Hot Thing" "Oh My Stars" "Listen"

Beef Between the Boys of RnB?

By: Hot Gossip Gal Turns out that there may be a lil competition between Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke. Well we had the Storch/Timbo beef why not let the singers get in on the action. I mean I am sure it was all said in jest, but word is that Robin Thicke when asked about he and Justin performing together giggled that he would be in control of the singing and leave all the dancing and other stuff up to Justin….

Chuck D: “Russell Simmons Trying to Save Something He Corrupted?”

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Last week at Guitar Center’s “GC Sessions”, a new music-based initiative featuring panel discussions and tutorials to help up and coming artists, Chuck D along with Large Professor and DMC (of Run-DMC) sat on a panel discussing the current attacks on hip-hop. When asked about Russell Simmons’ suggestion to remove the words “bitch”, “ho” and “nigga” from radio and video ready songs, Chuck D agreed, but didn’t understand Russell’s motives. “I agree (with him) but are you trying to figure out how to save something that you helped corrupt?” Chuck said. “This is no disrespect to Russell or Lyor (Cohen), I would just call them buzzards. A buzzard is not a bad bird, it doesn’t go around killing anything, but it doesn’t add life to the matter. It just takes advantage of the dead. It takes advantage and feeds off the carcass of the dead. My point is this, I like Russell and I like Lyor as people, but I think, being realistic about it, they need to divert the authority and attention to the people who really want to take care of the forwardness of rap music and hip-hop, to the people who have been doing it a long time like Afrika Bambataa and the Zulu Nation.” Chuck continued to discuss the environment of hip-hop in 2007 and how to make a career in hip-hop from a business standpoint. Russell Simmons launched Def Jam Records in 1984 with Rick Rubin. Rubin left the label in 1988 because he didn’t like the direction the label was going. Russell continued to run the label along with Lyor Cohen, until Simmons sold his stake in the label in 1999 for $100 million. Simmons is responsible for signing everyone from LL Cool J, Public Enemy and Slick Rick to Ja Rule, Jay-Z and DMX.

Usher to Replace His Momma?

By Hot Gossip Gal Who would have thought…SMH that Ushers Momma would be ousted as his manager by her arch nemesis and future daughter in law Tameka Foster. That has to sting as we all know Momma Usher just isn’t feeling ole girl and her three kids getting a share to her sons millions. I doubt Tameka will be made his manager but i just for see trouble a head for Usher.

Anticipated Pharrell/?uestlove Remix Project Officially Shelved

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno For those out of the loop, Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams’ debut album, “In My Mind”, didn’t do too well last year and the critics weren’t much nicer either. So in an effort to not let the energy of the project go to waste, Pharrell hooked up with ?uestlove (of The Roots) to remix the entire album. The duo would call the album “Out of My Mind” and would release under the name, Pharrell and the Yessirs. But now according to ?uestlove, Interscope Records is having second thoughts about releasing the album. “For now the project is shelved,” ?uestlove wrote on his blog. “Perhaps yall can organize a petition to make Interscope release it, but I will work with P on a new project soon in the same vein.” ?uest will also be previewing a new Pharrell and The Yessirs track for every 10,000 plays. So far he has previewed the remixes of “You Can Do It Too”, ”Best Friend”, “Raspy Shit”, “How Does It Feel” and “Number One”. For info on when he posts a new track, check out Okayplayer.

Did He Make Bail?

By: Hot Gossip Gal Well we reported on his maxed out cards earlier this week, but Bussa Bus got arrested for drunk driving this morning in Manhattan. Funny how it is the same people that always get the trouble here in NYC. Maybe Trevor is one of the chosen few rappers who is constantly tailed by the ‘Hip-Hop Cops.’ I just find it hard to believe that they actually stopped him because the tint on the windows of his Denali were too dark. This is NY not New Jersey.

Lupe Fiasco Returns with Second Album

By: Rizoh After earning three Grammy nominations for his debut, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, the Chicago lyricist is back on the saddle and ready to ride again. Fiasco plans to release his second go-round, The Cool, on October 31st via Atlantic Records. Lupe has indicated several times that he’d like to collaborate with Pink Floyd on his new album, but that dream is yet to become a reality. As previously reported on hiphopcrack, (Click Here to Read)Lupe Fiasco is among the handful hip-hop artists on the bill for Lollapalooza 2007.


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