Papa Knowles Weighs in on Ne-Yo/Beyonce Controversy

By: Rizoh Beyonce’s mana-dad Matthew Knowles has shot down those nasty rumors that he’s mad at Ne-Yo. Knowles was supposedly ticked off that the R&B singer included Jennifer Hudson on his new album, Because of You. Hudson recorded a duet with Ne-Yo on the song "Leaving Tonight." The Knowles breadwinner was also supposedly upset that Ne-Yo didn’t give up all the credit for “Irreplaceable” (the No.1 smash he co-wrote), to Beyonce. Ne-Yo made it known in various interviews that he wrote all the lyrics to the song. “Apparently, Beyonce was at a show somewhere and right before the song came on,” she said: ‘I wrote this for my girls…’ The song is a co-write. I wrote all the lyrics. Beyonce helped me with the melodies and the harmonies and the vocal arrangement, and that makes it a co-write,” Ne-Yo was quoted as saying in MTV interview “Today is the first day I learned I’m unhappy with Ne-Yo. I never knew he said that. He does deserve to share in the credit,” said Papa Knowles to the Daily News. On a related note, Sony had to revise Beyonce’s "B-Day Deluxe Edition after legal entanglements arose because of the alleged unauthorized use of Des’ree’s song "Kissing You."

Jay Z is the Daddy

By: Hot Gossip Gal Well looks like Hov has a new mouth to feed, even though he has been hitting baby momma Shenelle Scott with 4 gs a month, you know once this becomes official it will be a whole lot more. There is supposed to be an official statement made some time soon by Jay Z ….not waiting on that but if you check out the Hip-Hop Weekly, yeah the Hip-Hop gossipers guide founded by none other than Dave Mays and Benzino (Source destroyers) they are supposed to have proof of the 4 gs a month Def Jam’s front man is paying. Well I guess what you created goes to the bankruptcy courts it is only fair that you try to encourage the downfall of others. Young ‘Ye Addicted to Porn? Well according to his Momma’s book turns out the Louis Vuitton Don was like any other young man..addicted to the naked ladies. Gotta love him for this though..turns out when he was in Fifth grade he took an adult mag to know how you do when you are that age, you the man when she let your boys take a peek…well anyway when he got caught and questioned about where the mag came from, Kanye said he got it from his Mothers closet. Sounds like the title of her book ‘Raising Kanye’ has a double meaning to me.

50 Cent a Satanist?

By: Rizoh Apparently Cam’ron isn’t the only one at odds with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. The Resistance—an Internet-based group focused on preserving Christian values in the media—has lashed out at 50 Cent for sporting a cross while rhyming about breaking many of the Ten Commandments. Mark Dice, founder of the Resistance, says that Fiddy “is defaming the cross and committing blasphemy by wearing it while he raps about killing people for no reason because he’s a big bad gangster. I think a large diamond studded platinum satanic pentagram would be a little more fitting for him.” According to Dice, “50 Cent is no Christian, and if you listen to his lyrics it becomes clear that he is more of a Satanist than anything.” 50 better start rhyming about obeying your parents and loving your neighbor or he’ll be arraigned before the Pope and have his bling confiscated. Oh, wait; he’s already doing the latter.

R.Kelly Tells Virginia Tech to “Rise Up”

By: Rizoh R. Kelly was so moved by the VA Tech massacre that he decided to pen an ode to the victims. “Rise Up,” a song geared to inspire healing in the aftermath of America’s deadliest shooting incident, will be available online May 15th. All proceeds from the sale of the song will go to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, according to Jive Records. R.Kelly was among the millions of Americans who watched a sad episode unfold on April 16th, when a VA Tech gunman opened fire on fellow students, killing 32 and injuring several others. The Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund ( was established to assist the victims of the families with communications and comfort expenses, grief counseling, and memorials.

Bad Week for Russ

By: Hot Gossip Gal Turns out Uncle Russ got a lil heated on a radio interview with Chicago radio DJ Trey from Power 92.3 fm. From what I heard Russ slammed down the phone but called back a lil later somewhat calmer…I mean for a dude who does yoga every day to maintain inner strength that lil outburst isn’t painting a good picture. But hey he did get played on Oprah…man you got to be prepared to sit on that couch, or on the chairs she had the boys on, bearing in mind you may never be the same person when you get up. Oprah goes straight for the jugular and if they thought safety in numbers was the way to go …they were wrong. All I got to say is Russ, you helped build the shit, don’t help kill it. Olivia News Ok home girl sure isn’t sitting around waiting for things to happen for her now. Her ass is in gear and even though she is supposed to still be talking daily to Bucks, Banks and Whoo Kidd, she has no contact with Curtis and the child beater…oops sorry I meant Yayo. So if she still in contact with the others, was it old man Yayo that was hitting on Olivia to the point that it became sexual harassment? Looks like it.

T.I. Rollin’ with Chevy Impala

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno If you’ve been keeping tabs, you may have noticed T.I. in several Chevy commercials this year already. Now the rapper and the car company are going to keep on rolling throughout the summer. Chevy and T.I. are working on a new campaign – through Steve Stoute’s Translation Consultation & Brand Imaging – to promote the new Chevrolet Impala SS. "Together, the Chevy brand team and Translation have displayed true creativity and vision in partnering with T.I.," said Camille Hackney, Atlantic Senior Vice-President of Brand Partnerships and Commercial Licensing. "This is only the beginning of a relationship that is sure to lead to more innovative concepts and pioneering ideas. T.I. and Atlantic are looking forward to expanding our partnership with Chevy and Translation in the coming months." T.I. is also gearing up to drop his new album, “T.I. vs. Tip”, on July 3. Guests on the album include Justin Timberlake, Eminem, R. Kelly, Nelly, Akon, and Lil Wayne with production from Timbaland, Scott Storch, Mannie Fresh, Wyclef Jean, Danjahandz, and Just Blaze.

‘I Love New York 2’ Looking for Fellas

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno For those of you that have been keeping up with the “I Love New York” reality series, you know what happened on the reunion show. The winner of the competition, “Tango”, dumped “New York” in front of the whole world. So you know what that calls for? Yup, “I Love New York” Season 2. For the upcoming season, VH1 will be selecting 5 dudes straight from the internet at I LOVE NEW YORK 2. “We are pumped because the fans of the show and of New York have truly been amazing and have built such an awesome community,” the producers wrote on the site’s blog.“We couldn’t be more thrilled than to return the favor by putting some of the casting decisions in YOUR hands! We know you will not let us down (at least you better not, or we are never doing this again!!!). Honestly, we hope this will be a fun site for you to not only compete and vote for the 5 spots in the new season, but also a place for you to stay up to date on everything NEW YORK!” The first of three rounds of the online competition ends in 15 days. The guys with the most votes get to move on to the next round and so on. The five guys with the most votes after three rounds make the show.

Snoop to Become Preacher?

By: Hot Gossip Gal Well thats what his Momma is hoping. When her son finally puts down his mic, his Momma hopes her son will be led to greener pastures and not the green Snoop is used to either. "I know one day God is going to change my son and he will be a preacher," Momma Snoop told the Houston Chronicle recently. Call it Mothers intuition?

Macho Wear Expert: “Jay-Z Makes Men’s Sandals Cool”

By: Rizoh Remember when Cam’ron hauled some bulky insults at Jay-Z for “rockin’ open-toed sandals with jeans”? Well, let’s just say Cam lost again. More men now wear sandals because of high-profile celebs like Jay-Z, according to a report by the Washington Times. Genevieve Ascencio, spokeswoman for Frye (manufacturer of macho Western wear) commented that the perception of a man in sandals is changing. “It’s not your typical ‘guy in black socks on the beach’ look. It’s a lot cooler now, and people who have a lot of street cred are validating the trend.” Citing Def Jam prez Jay-Z, who boldly rocked flip-flops while frolicking on the beach with Beyonce, Ascencio added: “If it’s good enough for Jay-Z, it’s good enough for every man.”

John Legend to Help Clean Up New Orleans

By: Rizoh It’s been almost two years since Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in New Orleans and the city is still recovering from that tragedy. Grammy-winning singer John Legend has teamed up with Tide to help ease the stress. Tide plans to rebuild 10 homes for 10 families in New Orleans. Tide and Legend are encouraging people to join them in making this a reality by donating a minimum of $10 to The St. Bernard Project, a non-profit organization that helps families in St. Bernard Parish rebuild their homes and lives. On May 5th, Legend will play a “Loads of Hope” benefit concert on at Lafayette Square following his show at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. “New Orleans is known as one of the historical and cultural centers of American music. As an artist, I want to do my part to help bring music back to the city, and I also want to remind people everywhere that there are still many families who need our help,” said John Legend. “I’m extremely proud to join Tide in its efforts to help New Orleans families continue to rebuild their lives.” For a cash gift of $10 or more, donors will receive a ticket to the John Legend benefit concert and an exclusive “Loads of Hope” Tide vintage shirt. Tickets to the “Loads of Hope” concert will also be available at the door in Lafayette Square on Saturday, May 5th at 8PM. Visit TideCleanStart for more.

“Mike Jones”

By Kevin L. Clark Everyone wants the American dream. You have people from foreign lands still past the remnants of Ellis Island searching for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” For Mike Jones, his dreams were realized with the platinum major label debut, “Who Is Mike Jones?” With everyone knowing who the Houston, Texas rapper is, Jones is prepping his second release, “The American Dream.” The promotional genius, who cites his grandmother as continued inspiration, hopes to motivate many to achieve their dreams. With appearance from Bobby Brown to former nemesis, Chamillionaire, the H-Town looks to be on the verge of another shot at the spotlight. Currently on a promo tour, Mike Jones called in to CrackSpace via his tour bus to let us know what’s going with his album, how the late, great, Frank White inspired him and explains why the grind never stops. HHC: With an album called, “The American Dream” – what has been one dream that has realized since the success of your last album? MJ: I would have to say that anything can come true if you believe in it. Before I got to where I’m at, a lot of people told me that I couldn’t do this. I had a lot of haters. I mean, it all comes with the territory, but my American dream was huge. HHC: But what about the cars, jewels and all that? MJ: I mean… that all comes with making a success out of yourself. I have the houses, the cars and the jewels. That’s nice and all, but I can help encourage others who want to live that same lifestyle. With this album, I’ll be able to tell others how to get it. HHC: You promoted hard for your last album; gave out your number and all that. What are you doing to let people know about “The American Dream”…? MJ: I’m on a tour bus. We’ve done three to four months of promotion, straight. You know… the number (281-330-8004) is still in effect. It’s right here by my hip. We have a movie this time around and it basically shows where Mike Jones came from. It shows where the name, the number, how it all started. I went from struggling and made it to the top. I made it exclusively for the fans, so they could get motivated to get up and capture their hopes and dreams. HHC: With so many Houston rappers coming out with albums – did you guys have to negotiate release dates so there’d be no conflicts? MJ: No, man, no conflict… we’re just coming out. It doesn’t matter just as long as we all get some shine and eat from our projects. Paul Wall and I had our dates on the same date, but I had to push mines up because the movie wasn’t done at the time. HHC: What should the public expect with this album? MJ: I want people to know that on this album I’m trying to give game and show people that you can live your dreams. You can do that if you work hard and grind harder. Look at me… I’m living proof. I’m here! HHC: As a mainstream rapper, how can you change up or branch out from typical subject matter and do something different without alienating your fan base? MJ: I’m not going to really change up, I’m still going to do what I do. I love money, jewelry and cars, it’s just that I have a message behind the music. There are a lot of people who want that and you can get those things if you want that. I had wanted the same stuff when I didn’t have anything at all. I wanted it so bad that I went out and got it, you can do that to. It just takes a lot of work. I want this album, my life to be represented as motivation for others to make something out of themselves. HHC: With more money come more problems. What has been one negative aspect of being in the spotlight? MJ: It would have to be how people just expect you to do certain stuff. They don’t expect me to be going into Wal-Mart or fly Southwestern. Why would I want to spend the millions that I worked hard to get? HHC: But you’re a millionaire… so do the perks of success outweigh the negatives? MJ: Yes, the perks are a lot easier. When you go out to eat, there’s a risk involved. You want to eat in peace, but you can’t. You have the kids surrounding you who want an autograph or a picture! You want to be mad, but you can’t because they know, just like you do, you may not get a chance like this. So, because of the fans you have to sacrifice yourself, because they put you in the position where you at. It’s something that you got to get used to. It could be bad for a relationship and stressful for your family. HHC: “Back then, they didn’t want me… now I’m hot, they all on me,” is akin to something that B.I.G. spit while he was here. What is one thing that you’ve learned from the deaths of Biggie and 2Pac? MJ: Biggie was what I am now. He was a motivator. That song, “Juicy,” was my life. He dropped out of school and I dropped out of high school. I understood his song. I went through all that stuff. The stereotypes that people label on young Black kids are evident in the song. I can rap that same rap and it’d fit me perfectly. He could’ve made a song about balling and he does, but he wanted to let you know that there’s another side to the story. That’s how I am. People used to diss me, but I’m still here and now they changed their mind about me. HHC: With the game being fickle – how does “The American Dream” keep you in the spotlight? MJ: For one the market is going down because of bootlegging. If the label gives you $8 million for you to go platinum… you’re not going to see any money anyway. It’s hard these days. The people who get those big numbers are the ones who have those machines behind their music. I rather come out during the first/second quarter like I am and not spend too much money off of my budget and do the numbers. That’s what I did on my first major album. I made, personally for myself, about $5 to $6 million. HHC: Since you’ve escaped the nightmare and are living the stuff of dreams – what is some advice that you’d give to anyone trying to pursue their own happiness? MJ: If people tell you that can’t do it… don’t believe them. With success come problems. As long as you know that, you’ll be alright. That’s not just if you’re trying to be a rapper. That’s whether you want to be a doctor, model or whatever. Anything that makes money will make more problems. People think that you can get the fame and then you can just live life regularly, but you can’t! I missed my niece’s birthday. I had paid for all of it, but I couldn’t be there… [sighs] I had to keep my name buzzing, so the money doesn’t stop coming in.

Ray J Release Party

By: Hot Gossip Gal Yeah Brandy\’s lil bro had to hold a release party for his recent stage appearance..yeah the flick with him and Kim Kardashian had him cavorting around Vegas with plenty of other Kimmy look a likes. But I am sure Kim was in a far better place as she ended up with 4 mill from the company who distributed the movie, Ray J got a mill..hmmm who had the last laugh there I wonder. Funnily enough, Whitney wasn\’t there to celebrate in Vegas either.

AND 1 Tour Gets Two More Seasons on ESPN

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno ESPN’s AND 1 Mixtape Tour series has been a success for the last five years and the channel isn’t trying to let it go. ESPN has just renewed the streetball series for two more seasons and will be embarking on its latest tour this summer starting in June. The sixth season of the AND 1 Mixtape Tour will launch in July. "We are excited to bring the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour back outdoors this summer," said Mark Woolsey, AND 1 General Manager and CMO. "AND 1 is the premier streetball brand, and what better way to celebrate the eighth year of the tour and sixth year of the ESPN series than by taking it back to our roots where it all began for our fans and players.” The tour launches on June 16 in New York and will run until August 25 ending in Los Angeles. Your favorite ballers like Professor, Hot Sauce, Assassin, and 8th Wonder will all be back. Here’s the tour dates and official roster: New York 6/16/07 Boston 6/23/07 Atlanta 6/30/07 Washington D.C. 7/14/07 Philadelphia 7/21/07 Detroit 7/28/07 Chicago 8/04/07 Dallas 8/11/07 San Francisco 8/18/07 Los Angeles 8/25/07 *Schedule subject to change 8th WonderNorth Carolina AssassinLA Baby ShackDC Bad Santa LA EscaladeNew York Go Get ItChicago Helicopter North Carolina Hot SauceAtlanta Professor Oregon Silk Baltimore Springs Detroit Coach — Mike Ellis MC — Duke Tango

Outkast’s Big Boi Does Ballet?

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Seems like the longer Andre 3000 and Big Boi stay solo, the farther apart they become, making a real Outkast album (not a soundtrack or two solo album packaged as one) coming to fruition tougher to see. While Dre is busy doing his Class of 3000 cartoon, Big Boi is now getting down with the Atlanta ballet. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Big Boi will perform on stage with the ballet for a new original work in April 2008. There are no details on what his involvement will entail, if he actually do some dancing or if he’ll just be off to the left of the stage spittin’ some rhymes. Big Boi will work with choreographer Lauri Stallings and with folks from his Purple Ribbon Entertainment. Planning is set to begin this week. In other Big Boi news, he just finished of filimng, Who’s Your Caddy?, a comedy that follows an Atlanta rap mogul that tries to join a conservative country club in the Carolinas but he runs into fierce opposition from the board President- but it’s nothing that he and his entourage can’t handle. Big Boi will star as C-Note alongside Terry Crews, Tamala Jones, James Avery and Lil Wayne. No relase date has been set.

In Bed With a Stripper

By: Hot Gossip Gal Turns out Monica found her intended, Rodney Hill who is also father of her son in bed with some stripper. I heard he had been dumb enough to bring the chick back to the crib too…not sure if that is true but anything is possible. She also put on blast for commenting on the way which she dresses her son. Not a woman to piss off right now it would appear.


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