Q-Tip says hip-hop needs a ‘Renaissance’

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno A Tribe Called Quest’s reunion tour last year, was just that – a tour and nothing else. Fans were hoping for a reunion album to go along with the whole vibe, but that’s not happening at the moment, so Q-Tip is gearing up to drop his new album, The Renaissance. The album is set to drop this Spring and features appearances from Common, D’ Angelo and Andre 3000 plus a band that Tip himself put together. "I wanted a hip-hop sonic feel, something pure to the sound of hip-hop with real drums, real emotion and people taking solos," Tip told Billboard Magazine. "In that sense this record feels like we’re moving in a new direction … something hip-hop should do." The album is the official follow-up to Tip’s 1999 album, Amplified that featured the hits “Vivrant Thang” and “Breathe and Stop.” He did record a follow up in 2001 called Kamaal The Abstract, but it was apparently shelved because Arista didn’t know how to promote the project. Look for Tip to tour solo in support of the new album later this year.

Alicia Keys is giving away cash, might start packin’

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno In an effort to help students achieve their college dreams, Alicia Keys announced that she will be giving away $5,000 college scholarships as part of the The Open Doors Scholars Program which is part of Frum Tha Ground Up, a Jacksonville-based nonprofit organization started by Keys’ road manager, D.J. Walton, who went to college in Jacksonville. Keys will be giving scholarships to students in four cities – Jacksonville, New Orleans, Atlanta and Harlem in New York City. "We’re just looking for standout students who are definitely college-bound and need a little bit of help financially to really achieve their dreams," Keys told the Associated Press. Keys also recently announced that she is considering packin’ a gat. She’s gearing up for the release of the film, “Smokin’ Aces”, where she plays an assassin and had to learn how to use a gun for the role. "I’ve never owned a gun, but I’m seriously considering owning one now,” Keys said. “God forbid, if anything happened I would be prepared." “Smokin’ Aces”, which also stars Common, hits theatres on January 26.

The Reality of not Signing a Pre-Nup

By: Hot Gossip Gal Beatle front man Paul McCartney has been publicly going through it with ex wife Heather Mills after opting not to sign a pre-nup. Now the man who brought us Love Love Love Me Do has offered her $63 million CASH and two homes, one in London and one in Beverly Hills ..not a bad offer for someone who really didn’t have shit when she married him. But no the greed factor can’t be ignored as HM is looking for $100 million CASH, four homes and a monthly clothing allowance. I guess there is just no pleasing some people.

G-Unit CEO Taps DJ Premier, Hi-Tek, Swizz Beatz, for First Ever Producers Confab

By: Rizoh Hiphopcrack has learned that Money Management Group chief exec and G-Unit co-founder Sha Money XL (born Michael Clervoix) is puttiing together a "One Stop Shop Conference" for aspiring producers, the first of its kind. According to Sha Money XL, the forum is designed to teach burgeoning boardsmen how "sell tracks to A&R’s, find a good manager and shop for a publishing deal." He adds: "As a producer when I was coming up there was no one place you could get this all done. I’ve been to every Hip-Hop conference, but nothing ever dedicated to the producer." The 2-day conference, which runs from February 10 – 11 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Phoenix, AZ (located @ 122 N. 2nd St. — 602-252-1234), will address topics like "Finding Artist & Management Representation," "Art of Production," and "Studio Equipment & the Art of Sound." Chris Lighty (of Violator Management), DJ Premier, Swizz Beatz, Hi-Tek, Havoc, Sha Money XL, 9th Wonder, Consequence, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck, are expected to be in attendance. Visit MONEYMANAGEMENTfor event schedule and registration details.

Main Flow

Artist/Group Name: Main Flow Reppin’ (What city you reppin’?): Cincinnati, Ohio Affiliation (What crew or artists you roll with?): MOOD, Wannabattle, 7L & Esoteric Influences (Who inspires you? Not limited to just hip-hop): Nas, Bob Marley, Nina Simone Backstory (How’d you get in the game? How did the group form? What work did you put in before getting signed to a label?) I got in the game by making a demo with my group MOOD and shopping those songs to every Label possible in NY until we got signed to TVT Records. Current project (What are you pushing right now? What can people expect from it? Feel free to just hype your album here…why did you name the album that name? Was there a theme? Any funny stories during its creation?) I am currently pushing "Flow Season" a cd I did with 7L feat. Cormega, Eso and the Grouch. I named it Flow Season because I felt that it would be my season after the cd dropped. One thing that happend that happend that was kinda funny is when Eso emailed me and said I stole his DJ. Purpose (What kind of impact do you hope to have on the game? Do you just want to go platinum or is there something more?) I want to make a lyrical impact by being a dope writter and performer without having to comprimise for the money Is hip-hop really dead? (Wax philosophical here, break down what you think of hip-hop today or compare it to when you were coming up. Good? Bad? Break it down!) Hip-Hop is definately not dead, there are just more groups now adays that achieve commercial success then there was when I was coming up Three wishes (If you had three wishes to change anything within hip-hop, what would they be? Bring someone back to life? Get a Kanye West beat? Make snap music disappear?): If I had three wishes I would make the entire world middle class get rid of poverty. I would take Jay Z’s position as President of Def Jam and last but not least get a joint Bank account with Oprah. LOL


By: Hot Gossip Gal Lil Kim is going to be judging as well as Executive Producing a new reality show called Searching for the Next Pussy Cat Doll…is there really any need for that because as far as I see it there is only one pussy cat doll anyway…right? Tyra Banks looks to be having hair color issues..whoever told her to lighten up should have kept their mouths shut. Nick Cannon dumped Kim Kardishian because of her so to be public home movie featuring Ray J, who btw can be spotted smoking trees with Snoop Dogg all over the net today.

Gilled da Kid: “Birdman Molested Lil’ Wayne”

By: Rizoh Gillie da Kid’s cry for attention has intensified lately. Gillie, a former member of Birdman’s Cash Money family, alleges that since Baby and Lil’ Wayne met when the latter was about 9 years of age, he must have molested Wayne early on in his days as a Cash Money artist. "If Baby met Wayne when he was 9—and Baby is about 50, so he had to be damn near 40—at what age did Baby tell Wayne ‘We’re gonna start kissing?’ Was Wayne 12, and he 39? Was Wayne 15, and he 42? I’m just saying, you molested that boy, said Gillie in a recent Sub-Zero DVD. "When you think about Wayne is the only n***a that ain’t left [Cash Money Records]. Why?" Gillie, who has the infamous "Baby Kissing Wayne" picture displayed on his website, launched an anti-Cash Money outcry shortly after Lil’ Wayne denied allegations that he ghostwrote many of Wayne’s lyrics on "Tha Carter" and earlier albums. Watch the video below:

Dips v Tru/Jay

By: Hot Gossip Gal Another diss track has emerged. This one from Diplomats JR Writer who is taking shots at Tru Life and El Presidente, yawn yawn ..but Cam the somewhat debatable killa jumps on the joint and his best shot is about never seeing ’a camel on a camel,’ in reference to Jay while on a tour in Africa last year where the favored for of transport in the desert just happens to be ..a camel. This coming from a dude who rode a bmx through the hood the other day and youtubed the whole thing…like I said yawn yawn.


Companyname: Akomplice Founded (Date): 4-1-2004 Founders: Mike McCarney/ Patrick McCarney Backstory (What’s the story behind the launch of the company? How was it launched? Why was it launched?): It was launched to help create a change in the clothing industry. We were tired of seeing the same corporate logos across everyones chest, we decided to make real clothing, clothing with not only fresh style, but also clothing with substance, an example, our tee with the statue of liberty holding a gun, first off, this tees just fresh, but with it you’re wearing something you believe, and want others to take notice of. Greatest Achievements (What are your proudest moments?): Every season we create is our proudest moment, on top of that we like to see people who feel what we’re about, like when Game rocked our stuff in the Dec. issue of SPIN, or Luda’s DJ Jay Cee rocked our jacket on TV. Most of all we just are proud to continue to step our game up, which in turn makes others step there game up. Current and Future projects (What current projects are you pushing and what’s planned for the next year?): Current projects, we’re expanding our line, we plan to release Denim Jeans, Throwback caps, and some more of those crazy all over embroidered jackets. We also plan to release an Akomplice mixtape with some of our sponsored artists, before I started with clothing I was a going fulltime as a beatmaker, aiming for the stars. Goals and Purpose (What kind of impact are you hoping to make on the industry? What goals do you have for the companyl?): We just want to keep life with meaning, DON’T FUCKING SHEEP AROUND (sleep around is okay). Be who you want, don’t just follow MTV, don’t decorate your house like Jessica Simpson, stand and speak out, this world will continue to disinigrate until we make moves, nobody likes the idea of our environment dying, we’ll die, so lets do something. Within the Game (How does the label fit within the current climate of hip-hop? Or does it even fit in at all? What’s the company’s personality in relation to the rest of hip-hop?): Hip-Hop has been a major impact on our lives since years before Akomplice was started .My brother Patrick and I put out a cd, and I was was constantly trying to step my game up with beats. Many of our designs feature hip-hop, aspects of hip-hop we feel to be important. Also our style is like hip-hop, sample based with filters. Aight. Peace.

Todd Bridges joins the Everybody Hates Chris cast

By Will “Deshair” Foskey On January 22nd, popular sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris returns to the CW with new episodes and a special guest appearance from none other than Todd Bridges of Diff’rent Strokes fame. On the new episode, Todd guests stars as Doc’s Nephew, Monk – a character that Chris (Tyler James Williams) finds himself seeking advice from. “What I did with the Monk character was build him around one of my uncles that used to be a war veteran,” says Todd as he smiles about how he triggered into Monk’s persona. “He was a crazy, yet wonderful guy. At any time, he would just flip out on you. But he would give you the best advice in the world after you sift through all of the craziness.” Everybody Hates Chris is nominated for 8 NAACP Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series. With the universal success that the show has received since its series debut on October 1, 2005, Todd didn’t feel too confident about his chances of getting the role. “I was thinking to myself about how my career has been up and down, so I didn’t think that I would get the part,” says the 80’s heartthrob. “The shows producer, Ali (LeRoi), handed me a bunch of re-writes and that scared the mess out of me, man. But I got it done, did a good job and they called me back.” In 2007, Mr. Bridges has a few ventures in place that he hopes will lead him to one of his goals. “I believe that now, I’m not perceived in a negative way,” when speaking of where he stands as a professional. “People know that I’m for real and that I’m not playing around anymore. I get the job done now, I’m very dependable. The bottom line is that I’ve been around so long, I just love the work. In 2007, I’m looking to have my own show. That is one of my biggest goals. And I feel that I’m heading in that direction right now.” Everybody Hates Chris – Mondays (8:00-8:30 p.m. ET/PT) on The CW

Ladies First

By: Hot Gossip Gal Forbes issued its Top 20 Wealthiest Women in Entertainment List yesterday. Topping it of course, The Mighty O, but other significant names on there were, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, J-Lo, Christina Aguillera and Judge Judy….yeah Judge Judy is getting paid. A life of presiding over bs cases on TV obviously pays. Can’t hate on that.

Signed items from Kanye, Talib, Cam up for auction

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno Waxploitation Records, home to such artists as Gnarls Barkley, Tha Alkaholiks and Dangerdoom, announced their 3rd Annual Darfur Charity Auction featuring signed items from Talib Kweli, Common, Kanye West, Cam’Ron, Tupac Shakur and others. The charity auction benefits the Save Darfur Coalition, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam, all organizations helping to raise public awareness and assist the two million people suffering from the civil unrest in Darfur. "Even though Darfur has become a prominent issue, it’s important we don’t forget that it’s a dire crisis there that is getting worse,” said Waxploitation founder Jeff Antebi. “We can’t assume the attention Darfur is getting is the same thing as assistance. Real help is as crucial now as it ever was." The auction started this week and will run until January 26. Check out the EBAY bid site before it’s too late!

Wu-Tang producer drops unreleased Wu-Tang gems

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno For the past year, Ghostface Killah has been the only Wu-Tang member to really uphold the clan’s standards. But now, Wu-Tang producer Mathematics is hoping to lend a helping hand in keeping Wu’s standards at a high level. The producer announced that he’ll be releasing Mathematics Presents… Wu-Tang and Friends Unreleased, a collection of previously unreleased music produced and compiled by Mathematics featuring members of the Wu-Tang Family. The album features rare recordings, remixes, unreleased tracks and outtakes that never made the final versions of various Wu-Tang albums. Appearances from Ghostface, Raekwon, GZA, Method Man, RZA, Masta Killa, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Killah Priest, Hell Raza, Shyhiem and others. The album will hit stores on February 6 on Nature Sounds Records. Here’s the track list: 1 – Intro ft. Buddah Bless 2 – Maxine (rmx) ft. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon 3 – King Toast Queen ft. U-God, Buddah Bless, Masta Killa & Solomon Childs 4 – Where’s Brooklyn @? ft. Bad Luck, All Day & Allah Real 5 – Treez ft. Raekwon 6 – Eggs, Hash & Grits ft. M-Speed, Streetlife & Drama 7 – Pop Shit (skit) 8 – Queens Day ’88 (rmx) ft. Eyes Low 9 – U Don’t Care ft. Killah Priest, Hot Flames & Buddah Bless 10 – Masked Avengers ft. Shyhiem, Superb & Hell Razah 11 – Luv (skit) 12 – Wanna Believe ft. Allah Real & Bad Luck 13 – Wu Banga 101 (rmx) ft. GZA, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Cappadonna & Masta Killa 14 – Da "W" (rmx) ft. GZA, Method Man, U-God, Raekwon & RZA 15 – Violent (skit) 16 – Street Chronicles ft. M-Speed 17 – Non-Equivalent ft. Shyhiem 18 – Outro 19 – Wise (rmx) ft. Ghostface Killah 20 – Rap Burglars ft. Raekwon & Insepctah Deck

Court News

By: Hot Gossip Gal Usher got 20 hours community service for driving at a relatively slow 103 mph on the I-75. Foxy got sent back to school for her assault on a Manhattan manicurist, Anger Management Classes will be her major this time around and just what was she thinking wearing her hair like that?

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy Seeks Greener Pasture Outside G-Unit

By: Rizoh After an embarrassing outing with their first G-Unit album, it appears that Mobb Deep will not be witnessing any generous budget plans from Curtis "Billion Dollar" Jackson (as Prodigy calls him). Prodigy, one half of the New York duo Mobb Deep, is now set to drop two albums this year, none of them on G-Unit Records. The first, Return of the Mac, finds P teaming up with The Alchemist throughout the LP. It’s slated for release on March 27th. "Alchemist and I put this CD together to get people ready for my new solo album ‘H.N.I.C.2.," Prodigy said in a statement. " I’m ’bout to turn it up hot with ‘H.N.I.C.2.’ I decided to ride with Koch Records cause I got a lot of sh*t to do and say, and I know Koch won’t hold me back or censor my sh*t plus the entire company will push the CDs to the maximum because they truly love and respect my music. We’re all very excited about the whole thing." Here’s the tentative tracklist for Return of the Mac 1. Intro 8. Intermission 2. Return of the Mac 9. 7th Heaven 3. Mac 10 Handles 10. Bang On Em 4. Raining Guns and Shanks 11. Nickel and a Nail 5. The Rotten Apple 12. Legends 6. Words From Majesty 13. Stop Fronting 7. Take It From The Top 14. Stuck On You


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