I’m not sure if the appropriate reaction would be laughing or smh after learning that Lloyd implied he is an intimidating person while addressing the dramatic hair R&Beef with Miguel.

Much to my dismay, there was no dance off nor snapping in Z formation when the two of singer “took it to the streets.” This past weekend backstage at  Z107.9′s Summer Jam in Cleveland, the two R&B singers crossed paths and Z107.9 thankfully was there to capture the chick…I mean bro fight.

Lloyd really let Miguel know how the beef made him feel on the inside, “”I just felt like it was disrespectful. On some real shit, it was cheap and I felt like it was distasteful. The fact is I wasn’t trying to imitate you.”

Apparently that’s all that was needed to be said to pull an apology out of Miguel, because he didn’t even attempt to stand his ground telling Lloyd, “The fact that I said it on Twitter was f*cked up and I apologize for that.”


Lloyd and Miguel are teaching everyone what starts beef between R&B artists and apparently that is copying another’s hairstyle. Yes, two grown ass men are arguing and “taking it to the streets” over a hair cut.

Yesterday Lloyd made an appearance on 106 & Park rocking this ridiculous new hair style, which he explained to Rocsi and Terrance that his cut was a tribute  to his grandfather who died July 4th of last year and the guns and roses were significant because his grandfather was a walking contrast (okay?)


Well Miguel was not having that and took to his twitter to send a not so subtle message…

Of course Lloyd needed to defend himself and his hair, so when he spoke with L.A. radio personality Devi Dev he sent Miguel his own message saying , “I’ll see him when I see him.”

Aww snap! In the R&B world do you settle beef with a dance off? If so it’s about to go down, Step Up 4 Beef In The Streets?


This is some bullsh*t. The big wigs need to show some flex if they want to continue making money. It may not be the money they are use to making, but it’s better than nothing. If it was me I would drop ticket prices just to get the fans in the door and once they are in the arena you hit them with an increase on what is already overpriced merchandise, food, and drinks. Its like this once you are in the building parents will have no choice but to buy their family all that junk.

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