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After his little infomercial yesterday hit the web for Absolut Vodka with the Be Kanye skit, today the news in the World of the Louis Vuitton Don is that he is working on a shoe line with the elaborate French fashion house. The announcement was made while he was in Paris for the 2009 Vuitton Spring show. He has a name to live up to I guess. Be interesting to see what he comes up with.


Shakira is the next star of today that is being courted y Live nation. The company who has already struck up serious deals with Madonna and Jay Z are looking to hand over $70 million to the Columbian beauty. Live Nation, if the paperwork is signed will handle all business affairs including management, booking, recording, merchandising for the hip shaker.

99 PROBLEMS ….again

After the sun comes the rain right…well looking that way for Jay Z. His 99 Problems might have re-entered the singles charts again this week after his performance at Glastonbury this past weekend but his staff at the 40/40 Club in NYC are still bitching and moaning that the Jigga Man isn’t going to be nominated for Employer of the Month any time soon. But I gotta say this, the wait staff and everyone are complaining that they have to work for tips, but isn’t that the case in all NYC restaurants anyway. Working for an A Lister doesn’t mean A List wages folks..obviously. Anyhow this isn’t the first time people have been screaming on Jay about the wages down there, but remember Jay is not really the owner, he is just one of the money men involved when the shit hits the fan


Not only is the Rubiks cube making a come back and expected to be the biggest seller for Christmas 2008 across the pond in the UK this year but for all the women that swooned over 80′s boy bands New Edition and New Kids on the Block…gals you better get ready. Turns out the now men of both groups have been in the studio recording a new track called Full Service which fuses all the guys together. Missing from the recording session…of course Bobby Brown.

Black News Channel in the works

Cities like Detroit, Philly, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago and Baltimore are looking at their own Black news channel it seems, if the plan spearheaded by JC Watts, former Republican Congressman for Oklahoma overcomes the obstacles it faces. The intent is to provide a 24 hour news service which will be seen as “the single destination for reliable, credible, informational resources for the African-American community.” With the only Black TV channels being more directed on entertainment, BET and TV One, the new news network will fill a void that there is within the African American communities for news that people want to hear. Watts is also adamant in working towards obliterating the stigmatism that links Black faces to crime with the news network. “I’m not so sure that you see anything on CNN or Fox News that specifically targets the African-American community,” Watts explained in a recent interview with the NY Post. And even though the challenges faced with a project of this magnitude are extensive, Watts thinks that America is indeed ready for a change to the generic format of news channels, just as the public has warmed to Barrack Obama.


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