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50 Cent Sons Bill O’Reilly & Laura Ingraham

Wow.   This is exactly why we need 50 Cent.   Just goes in on Bill and Laura.  Dude goes on the record offering to f*ck Laura Ingraham?  This is why hip hop needs to go mainstream.  50 Cent won’t go on Laura Ingraham’s show but he will bang her.  Classic!  Spotted at RR via 50′s Twitter. People are so book smart its amazing they don’t have common sense. Bill o reilly’s views are representation of some one’s grand fathers. I don’t mean thIs in a disrespectful way but there is a huge age difference between him and the average hip hop consumer #SK. Anyway thanks for the invite to your show old billy bobb when we become powerful enough to change the world in conversation Ill stop by lol. Now I’m gonna offer a definition of a BITCH bill O’ reilly can understand in 2004 when andrea mackris accused you of sexual harassment. If it wasn’t representation of your lust and you didn’t do anything wrong. You encountered a (BITCH) LMAO. Why stop by the news my tweets are national news. I get world wide coverage from my cell phone SUCKER oh I’m sorry I used the S word LMAO. Laura ingrahams I had know idea who you were on fox news after a little research. I’m impressed you seem to be very smart there no reason a good women like you isn’t married. I want to date you. Laura listen baby I don’t know if this helps me in any way but between me and you. Iv been rumored to be pretty well endowed. Lol. On second thought after reading your anti homosexual I should call GLAD on your ASS Lol In rebuttal to this. . .

Amy Winehouse Found Dead In London Apartment…

Relations 101: Sexual Double Standard- “Girl on Girl Is Hot But Dude Your Gay”

Relations 101: Sexual double standard- Girl on Girl is hot but dude your gay One day walking to work I was telling Mike Stylezz about a girl friend of mine who likes to make out with other girls at the club, naturally his response was “thats hot” *Michael Moscato voice* As the conversation went on the line between straight and gay were specifically changing depending on the person we were talking about. When does playful drunken girl on girl action cross over to gay? My Gay vs. Straight Rules: First you have the girl on girl makeout in front of a frat house full of boys just to get a rise (literally) out of them…these are the girls who are not even recognizing they are making out with another female because all they have on their mind is that trophy frat bro’s bed. (straight) post-college girl on girl club make out….now at this point women appreciate another woman. A girl can approach other chick in the club compliment her on how hot she looks or how good of a dancer she is and it ends up in a hot make out session. In this case though 9 out of 10 times both girls will end up going home with a dude. (Still extremely straight) Even a lesbian knows that when she hits on a straight girl and even make out, she’s still going to want dick that night and they are just having innocent fun. So Gay on Straight (Still Straight at least for one of the girls) Where I draw the line is what happens after the make-out sesh. Girls if you can chow box, i’m sorry you might need to re-think your sexuality. I’ve had the college girl on girl make-out but I have never nor could I ever go down on another girl, or give up the D for that fact. So girls if you can do either, I’m sorry but I don’t think you can check that heterosexual box anymore. (Gay) For you guys there is only one rule and one rule only. You do anything resembling something sexual with another dude (minus slapping his ass after a good game) you are gay in MY book. I know it’s harsh and unfair but that is just one double standard you can deal with. It’s not hot to females, we don’t get turned on from seeing a guy on guy kiss. So if you are trying to get in our pants do not tell us you’ve had a man on man sexual experience. (Gay)

The Bay Is A Problem!

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