Scott Storch, legendary hip-hop producer and PR-nightmare, is being sued by would-be songstress Treena Ruberg, who claims that Storch’s rampant drug use prevented him from delivering on a $45K production agreement.

TMZ reports according to Ruberg’s lawsuit, back in October 2011 she paid Storch $30,000 up front to produce 6 songs on the singer’s upcoming album, which he agreed to have ready by the end of November, having assured Ruberg  he was “cured of his past problem” with drugs. Ruberg claims Storch “continued to have a drug addiction and other personal problems which rendered him incapable of producing any recordings,” and wants her money back, including an additional $70,000 for the out-of-pocket expenses she incurred when Storch failed to deliver up the tracks.

As Storch was just arrested for cocaine possession back in early February, it seems like Ruberg has a pretty solid case….although in Storch’s defense, $30K is nothing on the $30 million he blew back in 2006, and “problem” and “cured” are totally relative anyway, right?

Quite possibly, the most illusive rapper to walk the face of the planet in the past decade has arisen from the depths of the abyss. At first glance, Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt looks like your average LA hip hop, skater grom, but don’t be fooled, because there’s one thing that separates him from the rest … his insane ability to spit cryptic flows with ease.

However, during Odd Future’s rapid rise to hip hop prominence, which took place in the matter of a year or so, Earl was nowhere to be found. While his video to “Earl,” off his mixtape Earl went viral on YouTube, Odd Future fans were left scratching their heads as to his whereabouts. But thanks to the hard work of stalkers worldwide, Complex was able to track him down in Somoa, where he was said to be attending Coral Reef Academy, which is a program for “at risk teenage males.”

Fast forward to Wednesday night, Odd Future’s overlord Tyler, The Creator tweeted “Oh. Thebe Has….I Mean Earl Has A Twitter. @earxsweat.” On Earl’s new Twitter account, a link led followers to a YouTube clip containing a snippet of a new song simply titled, “Home,” with Earl saying “If you want the whole thing, get me 50,000 by today!” Low and behold, his Twitter account got 50,000 followers and we’re left with a new track, and a rejuvenated sense of hope that the sought-after Odd Future spitter will now be blessing our ear drums for some time to come.

Earl Sweatshirt “Home”


Wale covers Rolling Out magazine this month and during his interview, an interesting topic come up. Wale has received a lot of negative feedback from the community for the lack of dark-skinned females in his video for “Pretty Girls.” And in the interview, he explained how positively he wants to affect his community and he explains his devotion to the black woman.

“That made me realize that people hold me at a higher regard. That was when I knew I had to make a change. For ‘Pretty Girls,’ I didn’t go on set until there were dark-skinned girls at the video shoot. I was waiting. The most horrible feeling in the world, was that my women think that I don’t care about them. I’d rather go broke than for my black women to think that I don’t care about them. I would rather lose everything than to have my queens think I’m turning my back on them. I was the only kid in my neighborhood with a father. And that’s because I’m African and they don’t divorce. It messed me up. When I was in Mississippi, a girl told me she had her first child at 16. So I made a song called ‘Illest B—- Alive.’ There’s a special place in my heart for black girls. If you’re black and have a black mother, you know how special they are.”

Wale went on to the topic of what is attractive to him: intellect. It’s good to know Wale wants to display that he is not like the typical misogynists in the game. Unfortunately I’m not too sure if it makes a difference in what he sells or not, but his efforts to clear up his intentions in the game is a bit endearing. The rest of the interview can be found here:
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