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Rick Ross’s Past May Be Fabricated

After photos were released showing Rick Ross as a young correctional officer, Rick blasted back by saying “My life is 100% real.” Now, has revealed more information on Rick’s past, claiming he was a correctional officer from 1995 to 1997. His social security number allegedly matches a man named William Roberts, who graduated from the Florida Department of Corrections in 1995. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Pharrell Gonna Be a Daddy?!

It seems that Pharrel knocked up a one of his groupies on tour….. (more…)


Shouts out to my boy out west who hooked me up with this video footage of what is alleged to be Lil Wayne and Baby riding through LA and being confronted by some Crips. Cash Money obviously weren’t in the mood to get out and sign any autographs. To watch the video click on read more


Sources close to Joss Stone who was accused by Dallas Austin for getting down for beats last year have indicated that the English rose has been apparently secretly dating Nelly. WTF? Ashanti better be getting her Vaseline out and tying that weave back.


He needs to be doing a lot more than crossing his fingers this time. Luck is really running out for DMX who was arrested in Phoenix for giving a hospital a name and Social Security number that mos def weren’t that of Earl Simmons to pay for medical expenses yesterday.  Using the name Troy Jones back in April of this year to pay the seven and a half g bill, DMX was arrested in the Mall on Saturday. How low is this dude going to go. This is a damn shame getting picked up in the mall of all places. Someone has to have got this shit on their cell phone camera.


Not sure if this is true or not right now but a couple of people have hit me up saying that Lil Scrappy was stabbed in Dekalb County tonight but was arrested by cops once they realized his injuries weren’t life threatening. Let’s see what the morning brings on this.


Looks like Scott Storch has hit a bit of a problem, blaming mismanagement for his horrific debts. The once man of the moment in Miami hasn’t really been about for a while, hiding from bailiffs and ignoring those damn calls man. But the most messed up thing is he has avoided his kids too. I mean you can understand the Baby Momma’s but not the damn kids. Ah well I guess that is what comes of battling production Titan, Timbaland. Your ass is toast right after that.

GZA vs. 50

Turns out Curtis must have really upset Wu Tang member GZA. He told Miss Info that he was going to ‘annihilate’ 50 on a track he has penned titled Paper Plates…hmmm no disrespect but what is this all about, does GZA have an album coming out and need a lil bit of PR or something, or did I fall asleep and miss a disagreement between the two to encourage this lyrical attack from GZA? Liquid Swords


Word on the street is that Lil Kim has got a thing going with Young Joc…here is a pic from her recent b’day bash…isn’t she robbing the cradle just a bit on this one? Although I suppose eight years isn’t much of an age difference really. Nice to see what Young Joc has got his eyes on tho…silicone at its very best. queen bee

Alicia Pregnant with Swizzys’ Baby?!?!

Uh Oh…. word is spreading fast that Alicia is having Swizz Beatz Baby. She has supposedly made the decision to take a year off starting in this FALL. Iduno about this one…. time will only tell. Pictured above when Alicia wore braids…. and that was awhile ago.


40 Cal has indicated that Cam is coming back very soon….hmmmm yeah right, how many times have we heard this? Cam is not coming back any time soon and his former employees need to address the loyalty Cam showed them when they are permanently covering his ass when the topic comes up in their interviews. Oops what loyalty??? cam’ron


I think it is hilarious how people have reacted to this, including the Boss Man himself. So what if he really was a corrections officer? At least he was getting a check. But yeah Rick is saying that photoshop can be a byach for even the biggest of stars. He denies ever being part of the correctional fraternity and is just another victim who has fallen prey to Adobe Photoshop. the boss


You can only bite Donald Trumps catchphrase ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ when it comes to 106 and Park host Rocsi. Turns out the lil tantrum she threw last week has caused her to get suspended from the show which is really screwing up ratings for BET right now. See you can dress ‘em up but getting them to act right is damn near an impossibility. Well let’s see where she ends up now you’re fired


Ok not really a Tyson/Holyfield fight but I am sure plenty of us would pay money to see Buck face off with Old Man Yayo. Buck shouted out Yayo in a recent interview implying that if it was to go to the ring, he would be down. Now with Buck taking on manager Blue Williams (Outkast) this might just be a possibility as with Blue anything is possible. fight night


Word is that Sean Combs may have impregnated Cassie who he allegedly broke up with, as if he doesn’t have enough to worry about right now. Check him out on his myspace blog the dude is on some serious BS, this is what happens when you go live on camera with no director…also rumor has it that the Didster is desperate to meet the Queen of England, but has yet to have that royal invite. I guess he wants to go and compare bling with her Majesty.


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