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Video: Kendrick Lamar Talks Meeting Eminem, “Control” Responses

DJ Whoo Kid talks to Kendrick Lamar via phone on his radio show.

New Music: The Great Outdoors – Sandman (Mixtape Stream)


This is like deep house and trance crossed with dopeboy music flair. Philly outfit, The Great Outdoors, might be this generation’s answer to the Clipse. Feel this here in your stereo. (more…)

Video: Schoolboy Q Says Kendrick’s BET Cypher Verse Was Rehearsed Long Before

Q says a lot of vague things about Kendrick not going at Drake in the verse, and then starts nervously fidgeting when asked to elaborate. That verse was going at Drake but…it must stink to have to talk about K. Dot in every interview for his album. The Control Effect, everyone!

Video: Joey Bada$$ – “My Yout”

Get More: Joey Bada$$, My Yout, Music, More Music Videos Joey Bad premieres his new video for “My Yout.” Love seeing the transfer from Brooklyn to the Jamaican sound, where hip-hop was born, in case you ain’t know.

New Music: Quelle Chris – “Ghost At The Finish Line” (Stream)


Quelle Chris, reppin’ all that’s good with rap, blesses us with his new tape in a year when he seems to appear on almost every noteworthy project. Click the stream and enjoy. Hat tip to Mello Music Group.

Video: T.O.K.E.N. – “T.O.K.E.N. Tuesday #4″

This kid is 15 and posted his video on Reddit. I found it and watched it. It was worth the time spent. I’m going to bypass the fact that his name is T.O.K.E.N. and commend his skills. Bravo.

Video: Hopsin – “Hop Is Back”

This guy is like if Eminem and Tek 9 had a lovechild with Halloween. He can rap though.

Video: Bodega BAMZ Freestyle On “The Hot Box”

DJ Enuff hosts uptown hustler Bodega BAMZ. Very aggressive, criminal rhymes that work just fine for crooked cops and drug fiends.

Video: Denmark Vessey – “Gasoline”

Remember how I was telling everyone and they mama about Denmark Vessey’s new retrospective mixtape Don’t Drink The Kool Aid? Here’s a video from it. Be original.

Video: Azealia Banks – “ATM Jam” feat. Pharrell

So, the short-term plan: meet Azealia, do the Interview Of A Lifetime, wait for her to propose, live on the Cancun playa for the rest of my days. On the off chance that she’s reading this, I like Geminis, Azealia, and will be the Rohan to your Lauryn. Aight, I’m out. Peace.

Video: Mac Miller – “Youforia: Live From The Space Migration”

Mac Miller has a good musical sensibility, and is a talented lyricist. He’s combining his powers well.

Shootin The Gif: The Many Sadfaces Of J. Cole


we had high hopes for jermaine. his mixtape “the warm up” was a needed shot of vigor in a slumping independent scene, wanting for a sellable, sobering presence. his college kid pluckiness and tupac-nas derivative flows were respectful without mimicking. his collegiality was light-hearted, but not obnoxious. then, he got signed to a record deal, and it all unraveled. (more…)

Video: Marc Ecko Reflects On Kanye West, Fashion World

“Why the hell does he need those gatekeepers?” Preach, Brother Marc. “Luxury, says who?!” This is terrific. (To be fair, Marc Ecko has a color privilege that Kanye does not have.)

Video: Young Chris Freestyle At Cosmic Kev

LeBron James put me on to this. Eight minutes of woooooooooooooooooow. Black out, YC.

Video: Cavalier Previews “Chief” Album

Fresh off a critically acclaimed collaboration album with Detroit producer/rapper Quelle Chris, Brooklyn’s Cavalier sneaks us in to his listening experience party for his album Chief. It promises to be a lively, herb-invoking, spiritual bacchanalia. We’ll be tuned in for more.


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