Rapsody is revisiting her Beauty and the Beast EP cut, “Don’t Need It,” with an official remix featuring Brooklyn emcee, Joey Bada$$. Joey helps Rapsody liberate the track with a new verse. Joey holds his own on Rapsody’s track and it’s always great hearing the 20-year-old rapper spitting fire wordplay. Listen to “Don’t Need It (Remix)” featuring Joey Bada$$ after the jump.

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New Music: Vic Mensa – “I Been”

 |  August 17, 2015


Vic Mensa is one confused artist: There are too many hands in the cookie jar. For one, his INNANETAPE project from 2013 positioned Mensa as an artist ready to blow without the necessity of conformity. And now — with two years removed from his breakout tape — he’s nothing but a conformist and corporate shrill. (This pain’s me to say, by the way.) Or, at least that’s the vibe he’s been giving off with his last few tracks. For starters, Mensa signing with Jay Z’s highly-questionable Roc Nation label was bad move, albeit very smart; ever since the signing he’s been making some abysmal moves musically speaking and his trajectory is noticeably… out of the ordinary, too. The highly-anticipated “U Mad” with Kanye West basically flopped and sounded like some terrible Steve Aoki sh*t from 2012. Then he dropped nonsense like “No Chill,” which I’ve yet to hear because, well, didn’t you see the song’s internet meme-baiting title? No thanks. He’s probably released more music since but I’m over it. And here’s yet another Roc Nation-era Vic Mensa cut — it’s called “I Been.” I haven’t listened yet but don’t let my opinion on him sway you from peeping “I Been” after the jump.

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Rich Homie Quan returns with “Bankroll,” after sharing “Break Table” a few days ago. Both cuts appear to be loosies and don’t have a home. And maybe Quan should keep it that way — he hasn’t had a solid project since his collaboration with Young Thug and Birdman on Rich Gang: Tha Tour, Pt. 1 last year. Peep Quan’s “Bankroll” after the jump.

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Mac Miller returns in 2015 with a brand new album — a followup to his well-received sophomore effort, Watching Movies With the Sound Off — in GO:OD AM. After sharing the album’s first single, “100 Grandkids,” he’s back with another new one. “Break the Law” features a guest vocal spot from Memphis, TN’s own Juicy J. Listen after the jump and pre-order GO:OD AM on iTunes now.

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New Music: 50 Cent – “9 Shots”

 |  August 14, 2015


50 Cent recently debuted a new track at an NYC rooftop party. That track, “9 Shots,” is now getting a proper release via iTunes. In addition, it appears as though his long-gestating, seemingly-shelved album Street King Immortal will be getting a release after all. Who knows when, though? Your guess is as good as mine. Check out 50’s latest offering, “9 Shots,” after the jump!

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Friday is shaping up to be quite the day already, folks. We’ve already been treated with some new Talib Kweli and now we’re getting new ish from the other half of Black Starr, Yasiin Bey (the artist formerly known as Mos Def.) Bey is giving it to you straight on his latest cut, “Basquiat Ghostwriter,” a track that has brilliantly utilizing Basquiat’s own lyrics and art to tell a story of social unrest and injustice. Peep Yasiin Bey’s “Basquiat Ghostwriter” after the jump.



Talib Kweli is looking to get your weekend started right with a new jam. The track, entitled “F**k the Money,” arrives just as Talib announced the forthcoming release of an album of the same name. Talib also clarified that the album could drop at any given time — even today. Looks like Talib is getting in on the surprise release hype! In addition, he’s stated that if you head over to the site http://kweliclub.com/ and sign up, you may be receiving the new album for free. And if you’re feeling the title track I don’t see why you wouldn’t just sign up — new Talib is good Talib. Check out “F**k the Money” after the jump.

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Although 50 Cent is currently getting his financial situation sorted out (he’s been in the headlines recently for his allegedly bankruptcy filing) the rest of G-Unit, including Tony Yayo, are trucking on without him. And rightfully so, as Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and even Kidd Kidd have been churning out good, high quality rap music. With Yayo’s latest offering, “Always in My Business,” the NY emcee goes off on tabloid fodder and those whom tend to consume that trash. “Always in My Business” will appear on Yayo’s forthcoming project, El Chapo 3: The Great Escape. Listen to the new Yayo cut after the jump.

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Guilty Simpson, the Detroit emcee, has had his eyes set on making a splash in 2015 since releasing “Vanguard Organization” in July. Then, Stones Throw, said a new Simpson album would be out “soon.” And now with the arrival of “Fractured,” his latest offering from his forthcoming album, we get an official release date! Hip hop heads rejoice! The album, titled Detroit’s Son, will be out September 11th. Listen to the Katalyst produced “Fractured” after the jump.

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The heartbreaking lose of famed Brooklyn rapper Sean Price still stings almost a week later — I’m honestly holding back tears as I type out this blurb. Although, admittedly, I’ve never been a die hard fan of Sean Price’s music, I always did appreciate his work ethnic and grind in the rap game. It’s also worth noting that, despite hip hop’s ever-shifting vision, Price remained staunchly dedicated to the art form and blueprint. His work with the Boot Camp Clik and Heltah Skeltah speak for itself, obviously. But let’s not forget his solo discography, which brings us to today, where Price would be continually prepping the release of his (now) final solo project, Songs in the Key of Price. Thankfully the project will see the light of day — August 21st to be exact — and Mac Miller is looking to hold you off until then with “Pet Sounds,” a track he had recorded with the late, great Sean Price. Listen to “Pet Sounds” after the jump.

Also, if you’d like to donate — in anyway you can — to Sean Price’s family during this difficult time, you may do is in this link.

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In the interest of full disclosure, it’s worth noting that I am not particularly a big fan of this, well, “anti-Southern rap” angle many die hard East Coast rap fans have been pushing on hip hop culture over the last decade or so. (Fortunately because of this bizarre standpoint, we received great tunes like UGK’s “Quit  Hating the South.”) In fact, it goes beyond just fans: Rappers and industry folk share this sentiment as well. But, let’s face it, Southern hip hop has always been popping and it’s a great thing that they’re finally reaping the benefits (critically and commercially speaking.) And yet, you have guys like Ma$e (who is on his, like, fourth comeback in the last six years) pushing some antiquated pro-New York agenda because their career is in shambles. Leave rap music alone, it’s doing just fine. Sit back and enjoy the show. Or, if you’re feeling crazy, peep Ma$e’s (ridiculously titled) “When New York Was New York.” After the jump.

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We know Big K.R.I.T. represents his Southern heritage and wears it proudly on his sleeve. But on this new joint, “Guilty as Charged,” he’s going to Atlanta and straight for that smooth OutKast flow. “Guilty as Charged” is a track that is produced by SupaHotBeats, a production duo of Will Power and Myke Stallone, and is featured on their latest project, Free Game. Listen after the jump.

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