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Jay Z is def making more fans as he continues to rock stages all around the UK. Performing to a crowd of A List celebs and sports stars the Marcy Projects spokesman rocked a 30,000 crowd in London’s Hyde Park. He was supported by Mark Ronson and Brit bad girl Lily Allen, but Jigga was who the crowd wanted to see. Performing tracks from his catalogue of albums, Jay left fans ecstatic with his performance. He had fans screaming when he displayed a Union Jack on the backdrop. England is what Jay considers to be his ‘second home,’ and there are reports that he and wife Beyonce might be looking to spend more time in the UK and shopping for a lavish townhouse in the capital.He continues to play the UK with his next show in Bournemouth on July 15th.


This is how the good folks at Madame Tussauds see Tyra Banks who was unveiled into their DC collection yesterday. Way too demure looking for me really and this has to have been based around Tyra circa 2000 as I can’t remember the last time I saw those cheek bones.

Throwback: Bahamadia “3 The Hard Way”


Missy Elliott Turns 37

Missy , born on July 1st, celebrated her 37th birthday Tuesday night in NYC. (more…)


These faceless people beyond being spotted all over the internet, have been snapped at various high profile events in London over the last couple of weeks. There have been reports of them being celebs trying to hide their identity, scientologists, aliens etc etc. But it looks like it might be a big marketing campaign for Lotus cars who will be launching something super special at the London Motor Show which starts on July 23rd.


Looks like a Grandma in Cali couldn’t find parking for her car as she went to pick up a sixpack from the local food mart. The woman aged 74 drove her ride straight through the window of the store, got out of the car and walked right on over to buy her some Bud. Sounds like she might have had a few too many already. She was taken to a local hospital after being arrested of course.

Man Sentenced to 4,000 Years

James Kevin Pope, a43-year-old Springtown man, was convicted of 43 child sex abuse counts in Weatherford Texas on Tuesday. (more…)

VIDEO: 50 Denies T.I. Diss

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This is the crazed woman who sliced open a pregnant woman in a park in Washington state and took the womans baby and then tried to pass it off as her own. The wanna be baby Momma aged 23 had befriended the victim who was left for dead and was said to have encouraged her to the park saying she had some baby clothes for her. The deceased had two other children aged 10 and 7. If charged with murder pyscho momma will face the death penalty. The baby is said to be in a critical condition.


Looks like the Cash Money Millionaire is finally changing up his drink of choice from syrup to champagne, although I am sure he will still be sipping it out of a styrofoam cup. Lil Wayne has in the works three types of bubbly in the works set to hit liquor stores in the Fall. The brand will be known as Halo, which might have the rapper facing some issues with trademarks as ;’Halo’ is already trademarked by Microsoft for the video game.

VIDEO: Snoop Dogg – “Snooperman”


Young Jeezy Covers VIBE

Young Jeezy covers the August issue of VIBE. (more…)

E Bay Bagged for Selling Fake LVs

E Bay have been slammed with a $63 million bill payable to French fashion house Louis Vuitton. This comes after a French court found the Online Shopaholics paradise guilty of selling fake merchandise on the site, resulting in a loss of revenue for the legendary purse company. This also sees E Bay from being banned from selling any Louis Vuitton goods, legit or knock off, ever again. Reports showed that over 90% of LV goods on E Bay were actually frauds. Looks like the bootleggers on Canal Street are going to find themselves busy again.Pic credit: 

J Lo Hit Again

After being hit with a subpoena about a shooting back in 1999 which saw Bad Boy rapper Shyne incarcerated looks like J Lo has more drama to contend with. She has been sued for $5 million by an air hostess who claims to have been bitten on a flight by J Lo’s German Shepherd. Lisa Wilson who was employed by NetJet to join J Lo and her party on a private flight between Long Island and California was attacked by the guard dog when she went to walk down the aisle of the plane; resulting in injuries which caused her to lose out on future workThe suit was filed in Brooklyn’s Federal Court and named in the suit was Jenifer Lopez and her Nuyorican Production Company.

Flex Stands by 50

Looks like legendary Hot 97 DJ has aligned himself with 50 Cent as the battle between 50 and Young Buck heats up. Flex had a few words for those big time rappers who seem to put on dudes that aren’t necessarily going to act accordingly…don’t sign em.  The basis for Flex siding with Curtis…one word…loyalty.  “Unfortunately, I can’t move with Young Buck because I’m on that loyalty thing, man,” were the words Flex used. 


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