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Has Pappa Knowles left Tina?

By: Hot Gossip Gal Has Pappa Knowles left Tina? Well the rumor mill says they are living separate lives in separate states right now. Not quite sure if I am believing this as they got way too much going on to have time to even stray, fight, drift. They are the ultimate power parents..they can’t split especially when Solange is in the studio…if this is true we could see her album being pushed back until 2015

Roc Royalty

By: Hot Gossip Gal Roc Royalty Jigga and Jayonce celebrated his 38th birthday in Paris this week. I heard they were living it up in some Parisian cabaret joint..something similar to the joint Jay hits up in NYC when I guess B is outta town.

Second Quote of the Month

By: Hot Gossip Gal Second Quote of the Month I think there are major differences between TI and Jay Z that TIP most certainly didn’t address in this edition of Rap-Up. One might be his hopes one day of being GI Joe…oops there is the connection Joe.

Hottest Chick In The Game

By: Hot Gossip Gal Mary Still The Hottest Chick In The Game And she is only getting better as she gets older…looking forward to the 18th. Should give Alicia a run for her money. And people say albums aren’t being bought…will you stop the nonsense..Hip-Hop isn’t selling because those with deals aren’t capable of putting out a decent album..couple of tracks yes full album worth ..nope. These chicks are showing that people still shop for music the legal way if it is worthy of our bucks.

Beyonces Crotch and More!

Ok, whoever her stylists are need to make sure she wears under garments. I mean really !!!!!!!! First her dress flies up on stage so we can see her breasts and now this. It’s called a Thong….

50 Caught Snorting?

By: Hot Gossip Gal Well it looks that way..i find it highly unlikely..but y’all judge for yourselves what the boys were up to when this Croatian camera crew walked in to interview Curtis before a show. Personally I don’t think Fif was over that table anyway..just his goons

Amy Sleep Walks

Posted by: Crackspace Seems that Amy was was taking an EARLY morning walk in the London streets. Either the paparazzi awaken her or she needs to stay off the stuff….

Where Did That Chest Come From?

By: Hot Gossip Gal it just me or has Jayonce’s chi chi’s jumped a cuple of cups sizes? You saw my entry the other she is again looking somewhat bigger than normal..the only time I see an increase in size like that without going under the knife is due to pregnancy..but looking at that dress on chance of that. Hmmm but those bone corsets would help keep the curves too.

New York Pregnant?

Posted by : Crackspace Ok first it’s Britney and now New York…. Has anyone heard of Protection? Well rumors are swirling that Ms. New York had to be tested at the beginning and end of this seasons show. When she took the test after the last episode…. she tested positive as Pregnant. Who is the daddy…

Sanaa Lathan Playing For The Home Team?

By: Hot Gossip Gal Word on the street is that Sanaa Lathan likes the mamis more than she does the papis. Now I remember back in the day when she was dating Omar Epps someone telling me that if he messed her about she had a chick that would take care of him anyway and there was innocent old me thinking that they meant her home girls would be looking out for her. Turns out I wasn’t thinking literally enough. Anyhow whatever way she gets down..she one of my faves.

Christina Never Fails

By: Hot Gossip Gal Even when she is ready to push out her firstborn, Christina Aguillera always manages to cause a little stir, but with a bit more eloquence than once pop rival Britney. Here she is in her pregnant state posing for Marie Claire

Def Jam Giving Pink Slips for Christmas!

Word on the street is that Def Jam has had to Lay off dozens of employees including executives last week. Not only are they firing employees, but have offered Jay Z 10 mil to stay on as Head of the label… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

When Walls Come Tumbling Down

By: Hot Gossip Gal DeHaven is now saying he is worried about his safety since speaking out about El Presidente Jay Z. I find it highly unlikely that Jay Z would want to damage DeHaven anymore than he already did in No Hook. Grown men need to stop blaming others for their lack of a situation basically.

Line of The Month (and Its Only The 3rd)

By: Hot Gossip Gal But it has to go to Ghostface for telling Tony Yayo to ‘suck a big fat d**k’ when being asked about Yayo’s comments about Ghost not writing on his classic Supreme Clientèle. Ghost is a lil upset about a lot of things right now and once again has Def Jam forgot that he is on their roster when it comes to marketing and promotion of his new album? Looks that way…again.

50 G’s For Kicks?, Grandma’s Best?

By: Hot Gossip Gal How Much? Anyone want a pair of kicks worth 50 gs…well Big Boi was given a pair in ATL the other night it turns out these kicks were a gift from a couple of stores down in the A. Funny how many celebs turn up to see a pair of kicks unveiled isn’t it? The place was supposed to be packed out where the presentation took place. Grandma’s Best What is with this home knitting thing, Keyshia rocked for TRL the other day. A DEFINITE NO NO NO NO!!! Someone please help her out. Even though the album is platinum now, does that allow her a pass for this faux pas? Hell to the No


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